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Wotto, the T Shirt Designer Legend

posted by DBHstaff • 9 years ago

Wotto Artist Interview

The Interview Questions:

  1. What is Wotto? How did that name come about?

  2. Where are you from and how did you end up as Art Director at DBH?

  3. How many t-shirts have you had printed over the past few years?

  4. How does working in an office compare to freelancing?

  5. Name one designer who you admire in the t-shirt design scene.

  6. Of your 11 printed tees at DBH, which is your favorite?

  7. So what is it about t-shirts that you love so much?

  8. Characters play a large role in your work, which characters out there are your favorite?

  9. Is there a particular process you have for creating a design?

  10. When creating designs for clients, do you get attached to them?

  11. Finally, if you could wear one DBH tee for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

22 Replies

i’m your fans master wotto :)
i wish becoming great designers like u at the future

Great interview Sir.

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