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The Winners

We may be tee people at heart, but we couldn't pass up the chance to bring some DBH style to leggings!

Submit your designs using the template linked below for a chance to be featured in our upcoming All Over Leggings collection. Plus, three winners will be selected to take home up to $750 in prize money. All selected designs including the 15 runner up designs will receive royalties for every product sold.

The new leggings will be made using an All Over Cut & Sew process similar to our All Over Tees, so you can design across the whole canvas! Get creative and make sure to put your best foot (or leg) forward.

Contest Start



8/14/2017 - 9/3/2017


8/14/2017 - 9/17/2017

Winners Announced



Just got my submission approved for an Alice in Wonderland theme, check it out and give me vote!

Cool Contest! Added my work “Hand with lotuses” ^^
I will be immensely grateful to everybody who click the vote

Considering this is a cut and sew, including the pattern would be pretty helpful, not only from a design perspective but also for proper layout on the web mockup. Additionally, if I creative a full sublimation piece for coverage at the dimensions provided it does meet the same aspect ratio as the preview image required.

Awww great! :) Now i join!

Yes, My FB friends are getting the same annoying error message. I emailed DBH about this issue.

@ForestWindDesigns Yes my friends are getting the same error, it’s annoying

Is anyone else having voting problems? My FB friends keep getting an error

Can you add a direct link to voting on the banner on the home page? It seems a bit of a hassle for everyone to have to click the banner, then scroll down past all the rules and info for the artists to finally find the “view all submissions” button.

I love it! Already submitted!

I am having issues uploading my preview and placement jpegs. Error message reads my dimensions are and cannot support file. Any suggestions or another way to upload files?

@Cassimeme You have no choice but to download Photoshop or illustrator to make your design on the mock up. After that, you can already submit it here.

I have a question. I made a design, but how do I make a placement image? I downloaded the starter files, but I don’t have Photoshop or any software that can open them. I followed all of the guidelines, but I cant make a placement image. Is there anything I can do? (and am I typing this question in the right place?)

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