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Official Design Contest

It’s time to get your bones off the couch—dust the cobwebs off your pencil, or fire up your Mac®. Skelanimals and Design By Humans are on the prowl for some warm bodies to conjure up drop-dead designs featuring the Skelanimals characters—celebrating their ‘deadcade’ of pop-culture existence.

Skelanimals are adorable animals who have met an untimely end, mostly due to their own reckless and ill-advised behavior. Edgy but lovable, playful and irreverent, dark but not morbid—Skelanimals are so fun and adventurous that you just might forget they are no longer living.

This Contest Has Ended

Grand Prizes:

  • 1st Place: $500
  • 2nd Place: $350
  • 3rd Place $250

1st through 3rd will also get each Grand Prize winning t-shirt in a size of their choice.
Non-Grand Prize Winners may be selected to be included in a Skelanimals Store.

Shop The Contest Winners

Meet The Characters

Kit Kit
Bonita Bonita
Maxx Maxx
Diego Diego
Jack Jack
Chungkee Chungkee
Jae Jae
Dee Dee



  • Feb 9th
    Contest Starts
  • Feb 27th
    Submissions Close
    (Midnight PST)
  • March 2nd
    Voting Begins
  • March 25th
    Winners Announced
Submit Your Art Terms & Conditions Download Assets
  • Remember what the brand is all about: Edgy and fun. Skelanimals may be dead, but they aren’t macabre, frightening, morbid, bratty, offensive, evil, or undead zombies. And they never bleed. ‘Cuz they’re dead.
  • Your design must include at least one character.
  • The color palette (Theme) for this contest is red, black, white, and grey. Go nuts!
  • Artwork Size Limit: DTG Standard 14.8 x 18.8 Inches. No All-Overs
  • No personal signatures on artwork.
  • Your own creative interpretation of Skelanimals characters and accompanying design assets (within the guidelines above) is allowed, encouraged, and heck, is kinda the point of this contest.
  • Your artwork cannot contain Skelanimals characters other than those that have been provided for use in this contest. Any such designs will be DOA.
  • You have the option of incorporating the Skelanimals brand logo into your design, but can not reinterpret the logo in any way other than change the colors. The colors used must be within the specified color palette ONLY. The logo must not be the main focus of the graphic.
  • You have the option of incorporating the character name, poem and saying, but it must be a supporting element and not the main focus of the design.
  • Use the Download Assets button to get the Skelanimals Logo, Poems, and Sayings and visit for more inspiration.

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