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All Over Design Contest

We're expanding our super comfy All Over collection and we want to include art from our community! The best part? We're offering cash prizes! All winning designs will earn a spot in the DBH All-Over Collection and will be sold on-demand as men's and women's crewneck tees and tank tops.

This Contest Has Ended



@bomazu it doesn’t mean a lot of votes will selected as winner, but yeah there’s something wrong.
just think positive maybe they have a lot friend to support “poor” design lol, no offense. #peace

Hey guys! check out my submission, and vote if you like it ;)

It’s gotta be said, some of the designs with more votes are objectively poor, while there are some great designs with only a few votes. Something not right here.

Good Luck For Everyone, Wish You All The Best …

Hey guys check out my design :

Yes guys it is working right now, thank you so much ! But I have one more problem.. question – can I use some other tshirt mockup? Even some from my pc? Because I am not able to open your file, it doesn’t work on my program (I am working on Krita not on PS), of course I’ll use same resolution as you expect. They say it’s a dope design! Give me a vote if you agree!

Hi All- Sorry for the glitch. Everything is up and running and submissions will be accepted until 11:59 PST tonight!

@mathiole @KGArtDesign @Princecom @KGArtDesign Hey guys we’re looking into why you can’t submit right now – should have everything sorted soon!

Lol, no one’s interested to answer and fix the problem. Sad.

is it over to submit or what ? pllllz answer

I’m trying to submit but the page seems broken!

I have the same problem, I also can’t submit, can you do something with this?

Why I can’t submit? It’s still in time!

While I have many submissions, as you can see if you follow the link, I think this is one I am most proud of:
Any feedback, but especially constructive criticism, would be greatly appreciated :D

Hey folks!
Please vote for my design:
Thank you! :)

Hey everyone, I’d appreciate a design critique. This is my first time designing for an all-over product. Thanks!

Hi everyone!! I just joined 2 days ago and I still have some time before the submission for this ends. Please have a look at my submissions and maybe drop a vote or two if you like them. I’m brainstorming on another set, completely different than this one. So be sure to look forward to that too. Here’s one of the designs, there are 5 altogether but I don’t wanna spam all the links.

Check out my entry. Greatly appreciate a vote or two.

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