8 Bit Design Contest presented by Design By Humans

L.A. Gear, Vicki the robot, walkmans, shoulder pads, and radical 8 bit video games on the Sony color TV! Remember those pixilated invaders who taunted you from behind your Gameboy screen all night? SIKE! 8-bit started a generation of games and screens which now pretty much run the world. Inspired by the advanced designs of Atari, Nintendo, and green screens everywhere. This contest is a tribute to the old school digital world. The world that started a revolution of information, and screens everywhere, is ready for its legendary contest. How would you depict an 8 bit world?

Oversized and Old School

Now is your chance to take it back old school to 8-bit of color and oversized pixels and design a t-shirt that embraces the technique of 8-bit.


The contest begins today Friday June 1, and submissions end June 22 at 11:59pm. Top three winners will be announced the week of July 9.


  1. 1st Place
  2. 2nd Place
  3. 3rd Place
    $850 + a DBH goodiebag

What is 8 bit?

In the digital world there is color, bit and pixel depths. When computers and games first started, they needed a low file size to process the information quickly. 8-bit channels introduced 256 bits of color back in 1987. As technology has past we are up to 32-bit and super high-resolution screens. But our roots still are the same with square by square representation.

8 bit t shirts are a growing trend, always have been and always will be. Pixel art is the way of the digital world and now the t shirt world. From the days of Atari, to Nintendo, to Sega and computer gaming, the goal of higher resolution to augmented reality develops within the digital world. 8 bit and pixel art is a revolution of new world design. 8 bit t shirt design is the celebration of the evolution of digital design. So submit designs, vote for your favorites and buy an 8 bit t shirt designs. Winners will be announced beginning July 9th.

Contest Guidelines

  1. Participants can submit as many designs as they want, no limit.
  2. This design must be 100% your own work, please do not submit art that is produced by someone else.
  3. DO NOT use images directly taken from a third party/ use protected symbols/logos or characters that may have copyright protection.
  4. DO get creative; but remember your design MUST contain pixel art.
  5. All submissions will be approved/rejected at DBH’s discretion. If your design is rejected you will be given a reason why.
  6. Maximum use of colors for oversized prints is eight and three for all over prints.


sabilamalik sabilamalik Human from Pakistan

thank you

frenchhowls_CLS frenchhowls_CLS Human from Québec, Canada

This contest is brilliant! I love pixel art.

designant designant Human from Mexico

Can I join this contest? Im from México.

deepmercury deepmercury Artist

interesting…I think i will join this contest! :)

homunculus homunculus Artist from indonesia, Indonesia

i wanna try it ><

TenTimesKarma TenTimesKarma Artist from Philippines

Let’s do this!~ And Yo! Thestray! Stop being humble! Your pixskullz is freaking EPIC!

7sixes 7sixes Artist from Minnesota, United States

I got one in the works! It’s taking me a while but i’ll get it eventually!

thestray thestray Artist from United States

Interesting, I don’t really know how to do pixel art, but I’m willing to take a crack at it.

ImageryD ImageryD Artist from CA, United States
free_agent08 free_agent08 Artist from Philippines

Cool Challenge!

Waste_Factory Waste_Factory Artist from Singapore

awesome… good luck everyone…

Dkmu Dkmu Human from Germany

I have like, 1000 ideas for this, but no skill to do it :PP

MadMonkeyStudio MadMonkeyStudio Human from Vic, Australia

Sweet! My kinda art! :D

Nystrand Nystrand Human from New Jersey, United States

As a hardcore gamer, I feel like I need to participate in this contest, EFF YES!!! : D

tagla tagla Artist from Italy

There is the same contest on welovefine.com

trentus86 trentus86 Human from Australia

There are going to be some absolutely brilliant ideas to come from this I am sure. 8-bit is such a cool design challenge concept

daleconcepts daleconcepts Artist from Philippines

radical but very challenging ….......

XDot XDot Human from Greece

this is epic!

robbyiodized robbyiodized Artist from Philippines


bananaoctopus bananaoctopus Artist from Tasmania, Australia

Haha, awesome!

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