h0tsh0t7 h0tsh0t7 Human from

wow ive never seen anything like it

this is going to take the world by storm

AdolfHipster AdolfHipster Human from

seriously can this shirt please be made? it needs to be made. i need to see technowolf on my chest when i look in the mirror.

applejackqueen applejackqueen Human from

I NEED THIS SHIRT! awesome choice of colors

lillip lillip Human from

this sux, don’t know how it has so many votes

louisroskosch louisroskosch Artist from United Kingdom

100\votes for this mess? something whack is afoot…

jinx jinx Human from

i owned 2 shirts exactly like this, in 1988.
i guess we are all out of originality.if tjis gets printed wats next? back to the future graphics. Knock off

FalcoTurboJesus3k FalcoTurboJesus3k Human from

I dont get the appeal, This actually hurts my eyes.

DenS DenS Human from

You people either have no taste or are bots created by author…

All heil censorship!

Nander Nander Human from

Wow, you sure have a lot of friends…
(or have created a lot of accounts)

WhatIsDesire13 WhatIsDesire13 Human from

wow this thread is popular, ive never seen this before haha. i guess this t-shirt cool, in a techno nature kind of way. how unique!

Kaysetoaster Kaysetoaster Artist from

your grandmothers shit would look better on a shirt ^^

Gunlavey Gunlavey Human from

The thing about this design is that it doesn’t look that good until you see the overlay on the shirt. There’s too much empty space on just the picture. Have you looked at the Tshirt view though? The balance is perfect. The moon on the upper left shoulder matches well with the wolf on the lower right side. The small empty spaces with stars on the lower left side and upper right shoulder effectively balance the weight from the colored parts. All in all the black sky and the colored technowolf contrast very well with each other and make a truly unique shirt. Can anyone who doesn’t like it give any reasons for the dislike? Or is it just because the shirt doesn’t look like a lot of the half-assed, overly complicated sketches that make it to print?

TShirtsFoLife TShirtsFoLife Human from

thats why i buy t-shirts instead of making them.

TShirtsFoLife TShirtsFoLife Human from

everyone stop the bickering and be mature

montevideo montevideo Human from

fake number of votes

louisroskosch louisroskosch Artist from United Kingdom

haha. even though you just took my avatar, mine still looks better cus you saved yours at the lowest most budget quality. you hack!

cameron11988 cameron11988 Human from


techno wolf cry

TheWolfman TheWolfman Human from

Wow. What can I say. Absolutely Stunning. Being an avid wolf lover/enthusiast, I have been waiting years for something like this to surface. The combination of the surreal colors with the perfectly executed geometric orientation gracefully hit home with me. You can be sure, zWhitman, that I will be referring this design to all of my fellow Wolf Brothers at the local Wolfery. You are truly a man of intellect and genius. God Bless, The Wolfman.

Gunlavey Gunlavey Human from

“Something whack is afoot”

Yes. Oh my God, we’ve discovered that some people like shirts that don’t look they were sketched onto the back of a damn notebook by an emo kid with ADD.

WolfHowlingAtMoon WolfHowlingAtMoon Human from

Yes!!!This is perfect for me!!!

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