missmonster missmonster Artist from United States

Funny that you talk about honest crits. I see you give insightful and helpful crits to others on DBH while still being professional and courteous. I don’t see why you can’t extend me the same respect as others. Both your “crits” are needlessly insulting and out of character for you given the handful of comments i have observed. Maybe i didnt see any of the mean ones you have made, i won’t pretend to know you. It seems like your “honesty” is stemming from something that is your problem, not mine. Like I said on the other shirt page, critique away…everyone needs improvement and i appreciate any tips….but make it constructive and try to back it up with some good art as an example. Being a jerk about it accomplishes nothing and makes you look bad.

Chris, as for not caring… judging from the amount of attention you have given me you care alot. The best of luck to you and your career.

So cool. I really hope that this is printed. It’s a great design, and I totally want it on a girly T.


Please keep up the great work!


<3 Your like the only person I know of that has made foo dog art. Totally sweet!

jimiyo jimiyo Artist from United States

hi. im jimi. i like your work. nice color choices, simple way of interpreting shapes, etc. really appealing to the eye. although i like the oily one better. im sure with that many votes on both, you have some internetz powerz and you’ll get printed. is that a fire fart comin out the arse? cheers!

missmonster missmonster Artist from United States

No problem Ohet. I actually do want people to critique me and you did it in a way that helps me think about designing shirts a little differently. That’s the way to be! :)

ohet ohet Human

im glad u took it the right way! i was just sincere

mlipira mlipira Human

looks fab! :)

missmonster missmonster Artist from United States

I see what you are saying Ohet! Thanks for the honesty and not being rude about it :)

ohet ohet Human

hey missmonster, u have to accept this does not have any connection with a shirt, maybe tattoos or somethin but it does not fit a shirt.

“There are not enough honest people on this site to give real critique” u said everything Dara!

ohet ohet Human

i agree with gilb, this is too obvious to b on a shirt, we need to ask to original, not just good-looking ideas.

missmonster missmonster Artist from United States

Jimiyo..you caught me. Indeed, that poor foo is stewing in a big ol’ fart cloud! LOL. I kinda like the oil one better myself too…


cool …=]


Dyaus Dyaus Human

In this case I don’t think people are dishonest when they say they like this drawing. Those same people are pleased mainly by the look of the creature , regardless the other criter (due to certain factors).
For what I saw I would say that MM ‘s art is like an evolution of ancien decoration/illustration asiatic style. You can see the same simplified and bold lines and the same kind of fixed dynamism in the pose (and others details). The way she applies color is more like how some African tribes did.
That’s design-art made with automatism at some degres.
I see no particular idea or mind-expression vehiculated in most of your art, MissMonster. I guess it’s in this point you’re attacked.
It’s your your choice.

If I had to wear a T-shirt, I prefere it owns a simplicist pretty “dumbart” than a conceptual/philosophique art that I don’t have the ability to comprehend.

well i will say i like my baby-tee that i have that is of another Miss Monster Original. I think also you need to think of the cut, Fabric, Textile, fit, print, and a whole lot of other factors if we’re getting into “critiquing ones art”. personally i can see these two drawings on shirts. and trust me these are way more original then you realize. I do know that i’m not sure about the seaweed green on red, but other than that i think it’s bad ass.:)

wish you were coming to Staple this year Melly. You will be missed bunches. (oh and i’m still sporting the wrist band too.) i need to order more form you.

missmonster missmonster Artist from United States

Haha, not a problem gcjo182. It’s clear we have differing opinions on what would be a cool shirt. Thanks for being real though!

And seaofflowers, im way ahead of you! :D I got some plans, lady :)

And Dyaus thanks again for such a thoughtful comment. It’s great to see people being honest and helpful.

Thanks to everyone that voted!

camerong camerong Human

Love the shirt. Love your figures too.

gcjo182 gcjo182 Artist

Very well done, but I would NEVER... just NEVER wear it as a tee. I just hate this design on a tee. Sorry its just my opinion and I would be dissapointed if one of ur designs would win because there r so many hot tee designs out there.

i think you should do one of your monsters like the cut out i havw.:) that tee would totally rock it too.:)

I’d love to see this as a T-shirt, I find it very refreshing compared to the number of bad designs that look like they were drawn, while blitzed on something, on an Okaki board. It’s nice to see real art up here, and I would totally wear both this and the Oil Monster shirt.

Setup85 Setup85 Artist from United States

Its really not my style but you did a pretty nice job on that monster.

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