elgoulo elgoulo Artist

hell? perhaps babylon

This is an awesome shirt! Congrats on the win! I bought one!!!

popejon popejon Human

So did this take you like a min. to actually design? I thought this was a design website. Maybe try actually designing something, and not just throwing some stupid man on a tshirt.

Man there are alot of HATERS! On this site! Great design Cloxboy! I believe people are just scared that he’s gonna win. Great statement with this design, it has sparked a lot of interest. I will be promoting this shirt until it sells out completely!

saturos saturos Human

I’d like to know how being the first black presidential candidate is not historic.
Someone, do tell.

I am not endorsing Obama, however, he is certainly creating new interest in the American democratic system. Young people are signing up to vote en masse. Who’s to say they won’t look around and find a different candidate who their beliefs are more closely aligned with? (There are other parties out there.) People are getting all disgusted about this design (“Neo-con!”, “Democrat!”, etc.), but listen, you’re not helping your cause. Face it, Obama is an intelligent and inspiring man. I’d say that’s a pretty good role model for the American youth, regardless of whether you choose to vote for him or someone else. And most of all, please respect other people’s opinions, even if they decide to put them on a T-shirt and sell it.

Well said AsrtoBlackk. No matter who you endorse, VOTE!

Cloxboy Cloxboy Artist from United States

popejon: Get bent.

JaxEx JaxEx Artist

I bought the shirt on Thursday and got on Saturday. AMAZING shirt!!

Sorry, but McCain is my HOMEBOY!!

popejon popejon Human

dude ya just vote for a guy who supports terrorist! man good idea!

jonmkl jonmkl Artist

Wow, this shirt is tight! Great design and color choice, it is really dynamic! that said.. I really hope Obama doesn’t win.. Enough of my money goes to the government without me being FORCED to get Health insurance that I don’t need (haven’t been to a hospital in 14 years, what can I say, I never get sick) and his policies just seem so.. Socialist..

Cloxboy Cloxboy Artist from United States

jonmkl: Thanks. That been said, who is forcing you to pay health insurance? Obama is not a socialist, if you believe that, you’ve been severely misguided. I think it’s safe to say both socialism and capitalism have failed, there’s evidence of this all over the world. However, fundamentally both systems have redeeming qualities, qualities that should not be ignored merely because they were born out of a larger, failed system. That’s what progress is all about, trial and error, keeping what works and leaving the rest behind.

Bench Bench Human

not so nice

that roads comment above me is easily the dumbest thing i have personally ever read in my life.

This must be amazing art with all the controversy demonstrated in the comments. Kudos to the artist! For those of you upset by political statements – if indeed that is what this is, which I doubt – since when hasn’t art been about a point of view? Every artist demonstrates a point of view in their art – be it political or otherwise. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. We live in a democracy last I checked. No one is stopping anyone from expressing their point of view through their art – you just need to have it appeal to enough people to get voted into print. Why so much anger instead of congratulating a fellow artist on their achievement?

philomglol philomglol Human from Australia

Certainly can see why this wouldnt fly with McCain instead.

Shirt design to president ratio just got closer to 1.

ozmotion ozmotion Human

we should stop letting the government build roads. it shifts wealth from the general population to those who have vehicles. it’s socialist.

good shirt, btw.

MrRocks MrRocks Artist from New South Wales, Australia

“(haven’t been to a hospital in 14 years, what can I say, I never get sick)”

watch out…now you’ve jinxed it you’re gonna get sick, or break a leg, or something!

i7weenie i7weenie Human

love this shirt, got it on sale and can’t wait to wear it in public

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