He already has hundreds of people selling obama shirts for him, hell I was at Lollapalooza and they had an official Obama store tent there, I love DBH but as guitarguru88 said, I don’t want to see this kind of material. This is a self portrait, not art.

Cloxboy Cloxboy Artist from United States

IMBE: This is not a “self-portrait” because that would require me to be Obama, which I’m not. How is this not art? Maybe if I threw some swirls and trendy colors together, you’d think that was “art”? Portrait art, particularly this type of illustrative portrait art, requires style development, line art composition, facial anatomy knowledge, color composition, building up form with light & color, as well knowledge of graphic design and Adobe Illustrator. Now, to make a collage or design based t-shirt, one requires far less artistic ability. This fact is evident by the constant influx of collage based t-shirts posted on DBH and everywhere else, they’re easy to do.
I’m not going to explain why a shirt picturing Obama is a valid and relevant design to be sold on DBH because 1) I already listed reasons in a comment on the original submission page and 2) it’s unaccountable to argue this design shouldn’t be printed on DBH, it reveals a complete misunderstanding of what DBH represents and it’s goals, i.e. they didn’t print this against their will.

goenz goenz Artist from Singapore

hmmm money oriented..

Defpotec Defpotec Artist

nice work – but We’re SICK SICK SICK of Obama already! The shirts, the posters, his voice, the fact that he hasn’t done ANYTHING worthwhile! He’s a weiner! McCain/Palin will destroy BO. But nice execution.

handle handle Artist

Make me a Mitt Romney shirt nooooooow!

bogoio bogoio Artist

lol, this contest can’t be taken serious!

I thought this website wasn’t for demonstration of political or social messages, but rather for art.

Even if it was was for these means, you should vote Ralph Nader anyways, instead of voting for a corporate democrat like our friend here

bogoio bogoio Artist

Yeah Dadaisto, the site owner pick up the winners by throwing dices. No coherence on their choices.

killerjello killerjello Artist from United States

I was reading all the comments and I thought that the one about making it blue because he’s a democrat was interesting. Mainly because the artist choose to make it in orange, which is the opposite color of blue. On a deeper level is this shirt promoting or putting down the candidate based on the color alone? Just a thought I found amusing. Maybe orange should be the color of a third political party?

Reikachu Reikachu Human from United States

It seems as if people are offended, because…art is being used to make a statement? Yeah, that makes sense!

ckoelle ckoelle Artist


I like how u can see the lines where this was folded lol

dymih dymih Human

Honestly I don’t think this is the kind of shirt that should be on DBH. I’m an Obama supporter, but this a place for great designs and art. You know, cool shirts that can look good on anyone. Shirts here shouldn’t have a political messages or endorse candidates.

Sorry, DBH is just such a great site I hold it to high standards :)

Cloxboy Cloxboy Artist from United States

Reikachu: Lol, well said.

art1016 art1016 Human

Well done Cloxboy. Don’t listen to all the naysayers. Anything and everything is or could be a muse for an artist’s expression. The fact that this is on this site and not being sold to profit the Obama campaign indicates that it is other than political. Orange is a color of courage and strength. Maybe a truly good human being who professes great ideals, along with courage and strength is just too scary for some people. Obama is a historical figure, and you have captured a piece of history.

AndJC AndJC Human

DOWN WITH OBAMA!!!!!!!!! We all know that McCain could KILL him in a knife fight don’t we… thats what really counts…

Obama is not a historical figure…please don’t say that again, because that is insulting to important historicl figures

King3rs King3rs Artist

You can’t say he isn’t or is a historical figure until we all see what happens in November, & he’s not doing a bad job at earning the title of an historical figure. + Why are we on this subject? We’re suppose to give kuddos and say stuff about the design. Not people/information behind it.
+Reikachu. Your awesome for that.

I like it. The orange does kinda, punch you in the face though.

Saleen Saleen Human from United States

Palin shirt next? :D

hailfox hailfox Human

Looks like he is in some kind of fiery abyss. Hell perhaps? Strong message the artist puts across there :D

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