i like how the actual rat is the cute one
the human rat is ugly
sort of a metaphor, maybe
I think it’s awesome. Hey if someone walks by and smells moldy cheese in their head, thats what good art is supposed to do! I think that you’re designs are incredibly bold. yay

Incipient Incipient Artist

Wow wish I could produce crap like this…haha, mine’s usually just drab brown and thoughtless…like gilb’s…but guess I’m getting in late on that convo. Looks great man.

GYM28 GYM28 Artist

good choice on color.
like moldy cheese.

sirbeauris sirbeauris Artist

This is pretty cool man….I really like your designs…Although instead of process color, I think this would look great sim process with spots…

Bembelembe Bembelembe Artist

It’s impressive. Cool shirt.

Unusually Odd, but I really dig it. Striking Design

tomburns tomburns Artist from AZ, United States

thanks! im trying something different, at least for me! :)

RikkiB RikkiB Artist from Australia

Awesome dude, is it a painting?

tomburns tomburns Artist from AZ, United States

yep, it was originally an oil painting i did a few years ago, then i scanned it in and photoshopped textures and shifted it around a bit :)

gilb gilb Human


gilb gilb Human

sorry pal, I undesrtand u won this thing already and u r very confident but sometimes we can make mistakes, maybe this design will look good on a poster or something like that but not on a shirt!

tomburns tomburns Artist from AZ, United States

you are obviously an expert with a keen eye and shaman-like knowledge of all things design related.
I apologize for submitting this for a tshirt, and await your further instructional wisdom.
in the light of this horrible mistake, perhaps I should stop trying all new ideas all together or even take my own life for thinking of such a thing. Its the least I could do.
Thank you, kind sir, for opening my eyes to how unimaginably ridiculous this idea was.
The way you put it all on the line and said “crap”, well, that just takes some serious thought and I applaud you for it sir.
Your humble personal designer,
Tom Burns

bahaahaahhahhahahahah its deffinitally not crap gilb. lol gilb makes himself seem like such a lucrative art critque but really hes just a douche. comon if your gonna critique somthing crap probably isnt the word to use especially when your mouth is full of it.

koalababy koalababy Human

definitely no.

koalababy koalababy Human

definitely no.

shantyshawn shantyshawn Artist from New York, United States

I dig it Tom. And if you take crap and put it backwords, it spells parc, which in Greek everyone knows, means absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing!
Someone needs to go to the mall and see what multi-million dollar companies are now producing for t-shirts and hoodies, but than again we all do this for the art and not the money, right?
Nice job man, keep ‘em comin’!

kstein kstein Artist

Wow Tom! Great way to use a painting. I really like this one. I think DBH could do something really great with this design. Always love seeing your work.

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