Xeltius Xeltius Human

I spent some time comparing the two pics and I think you did a fairly good job of putting your own twist on it. It doesn’t look traced. If nothing else, it DOES vary a quite a bit from the original. Could you do more to make it better? Well, all of us could have done more to our pieces. I do agree with “burnone” about a few points. First, I realize that you probably drew this full size on a piece of paper and therefore ran out of room for the boots. However, IMO, if you are going to place the image so high up on the shirt, you have to find a non flat way to stop the bottom of the pic. It’s kind of like that laser machine in the movie Resident Evil just chopped off the bottom of your image. I suggest that you either add some kind of noise to the bottom to kind of fade the boots out or draw the rest of the feet. Just something to add completion to it. If yo don’t like that you could consider moving the image down to the bottom of the T-shirt. Second, I like the KISS tongue idea. I believe with minor adjustments this shirt has a really good chance of taking the KISS competition. IMO most of the shirt designs i have seen so far are not innovative at all. Finally, take all of our opinions, criticisms with a grain of salt. Don’t get so angry when people offer criticism. Especially when they throw out possible fixes. This shows that we care about you and your piece and want to see it look as good as possible. Believe me, you def don’t want to have the design completed and say to yourself, I should have done this differently. You have to look at your piece long and hard and decide if it is truly the best it can be. We are not in your head. If you truly believe that this piece is as complete as it can be, then do not do anything to it. But if you see something, anything that you think you could improve, then you owe it to yourself to do something about it. Good luck! Hope this gets printed either in this form or modified.

b_dunn2003 b_dunn2003 Artist

X…thank you for your comment. I sincerly appreciate it. I do have 2 comments about your post. In the original drawing (you can’t see it to well here) I made some lines, alluding to there being a ‘mist’. It seemed to me (at the time) to be ‘logical’ and if they were a bit darker (on the t-shirt) it would make sense to the eye. As far as the ‘tongue’ is concerned, I realize that GS’s tongue sells. I think that putting a tongue in there would be TOO obvious. I appreciate your input. As a matter of fact, I’m going to redo it and possibly add a bit to it and see where it goes. Thanks again!

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I would like to comment also on this piece of work just as Fitznbill2008 has. I am related to the artist I have watched him draw my entire life. I have also been paying attention to what everyone has said about his drawing and agree that it is an amazing picture weather or not it is a revamp or not. I remember as a child when he was in middle school art classes how he came home telling our parents that the other students said he was a better artist than the teacher he had. Comments are always good weather they are on the positive side or negative, but in the same sense people should speak from the heart because you mean what you say and not to make someone feel as if they are a martyr, or treated like they have done something wrong. I love the picture, nomatter what anyone says.

fouad666 fouad666 Human from Egypt


MrRocks MrRocks Artist from New South Wales, Australia

personally, I’d like to see what you can do off your own talent. If you are as good an artist as these folks say you are, surely you can draw your own stuff, not revamp some other artists work.

b_dunn2003 b_dunn2003 Artist

MrRocks you are very talented. Thanks for Thanks f Thankst

MrRocks MrRocks Artist from New South Wales, Australia


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