Thanks for the nice comments, guys. I just want to give credit to Mark Weaver over at flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/markweaver/). I saw his treatment of a classic portrait, and wanted to try one myself. This is the result!

animabase animabase Artist from Korea, Republic of

Very cool….. Congrats~~

zerobriant zerobriant Artist from Cebu City, Philippines

congratulations..this is cool!!!

Shah Shah Artist

Congrats! beautiful!

Dr_Worm Dr_Worm Artist

Nice job. haha looks like Steve Carell w/ a beard

junioraltoe junioraltoe Artist from Brazil

Nice Shirt !!!!!!!!!

ninthWHEEL ninthWHEEL Artist from Florida, United States

Nice. Congrats!

collisiontheory collisiontheory Artist from Philippines

wow awesome!

lol nice rip-off http://www.flickr.com/photos/markweaver/3256403005

can’t you come up with anything original you no talent hack?

Pifman Pifman Human

Seriously. When did blatantly ripping off an artist’s exact composition and style, then making money off it, become okay? Mark has done an amazing job at creating a unique style all his own and people like you have done nothing but rip him off. And poorly too.

Also lol at publicly posting that you were “inspired” by Mark and thinking that makes it OK. It’s not like you saw an origami crane and “wanted to try one for yourself”... It’s somebody’s art and idea. You simply ripped it off and are now profiting from it.

Original: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3257/3256403005_cd3b0cfc0d.jpg

clojita clojita Human

This is pretty clearly a rip. Send whatever money this makes right to Mark.

thefore thefore Human

You know, it’s one thing to be “inspired” by another person’s artwork. It’s another thing entirely to rip off someone’s artwork and try to make a buck off it. I can’t help but notice this is your only design.

If you had any scruples at all, you would take this design down from the store immediately. Shameful.

nobody nobody Human

Hey remember that time you totally ripped off Mark Weaver and then you made money off of your little stunt?

Good times.

ohbarrett ohbarrett Artist

Way to rip off Mark Weaver. this is not a piece that’s inspired by Mark, it’s a complete rip off and a bastardization.
You should be ashamed for banking on his style.

apparently in canadian english the words “inspired by” means “totally ripped off”.
I love learning new things everyday!

Dwayne Dwayne Human

Whoah now. Don’t drag Canada into this. Hacks know no Boundaries.
Dude, Take it down. Nice that you gave credit, but this goes far beyond homage.

Dude, only if Mark Weaver was as creative as this. Nice rip off idiot.

Wow. I’ll chalk this up as a “learning experience” for you. Wonder if Mark is gonna make his flickr private after this little stunt.

Hope you never end up on my portfolio looking for more “inspiration”?

nits nits Human

this is disgusting. everyone should spread the word about this rip

why in the hell are there multiple comments in favor of this rip-off in the first place? so, this not only a rip-off, but one that is sanctioned by the DBH community? really?


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