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Nice image, pretty girl, but the hair looks more “float away” than “fly away”, like she’s underwater. That would be fine if all her hair looked that way instead of just some of it. Even the circles look a bit like bubbles except for their placement relative to her. But all that is just secondary. The main problem is this is just a picture of a girl’s face — why would I want to wear this girl’s face on my chest all day? For some people a pretty face is enough but for me it needs something to add interest. A setting, a story, something. The eyes looking up and away are step in the right direction.

You have obvious talent, please keep the designs coming. Almost nobody gets printed their first time (either here or at any other shirt site) so don’t get discouraged.

Thanks, edg, I genuinely appreciate the critique on this one. I’ll try and give a little more thought to the setting of my pictures in the future.
On that note, there’s no need to caution me against discouragement, I look forward to submitting many more designs down the road. Still, with the holidays (and all that they entail) that likely won’t be for some time yet.
Thanks again and best of luck…

Oh, and as to your question, fourcolourblack…no.
That’s my sister. I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of persuasion (read as: money) it took to get her to model for me. Wish I had a camera…

is that lindsey lohan?

Thanks, themodestguy, for the compliment and vote. This one doesn’t seem to be garnerning much of either at the moment.
I’d love to see some of your own work, as well, so here’s hoping you submit something soon.
Best of luck…

this is cool

amazing design…....and welcome…..though I’m a newbie too….I only have 2 designs….

Thank you, yeaaa, I appreciate that. I was just looking at your submissions a moment ago (I love the green devil, it has such a unique style).
Also, while I’m at it, I should correct my little blurb…I meant “entirely in Illustrator”, not ImageReady. Now that would be a feat.

In that case, welcome in turn, thisisrachel. I’ll take a look around your designs later and see what you’ve come up with.
Best of luck…

yeaaa yeaaa Artist

thats an amazing design the best of luck to you!

tee_na tee_na Artist

really nice

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