clingcling clingcling Artist from Bohol, Philippines


Tarverking Tarverking Human from United States

You gots this Holmes! Great piece!

heeeylob heeeylob Human from United States


KitKing KitKing Artist from Canada

@tarverking :D thanks for the support mate

mattgeorgela mattgeorgela Human from United States

Winner Winner lets get some dinner. Have you seen this chic. She is smokin hott!!

Ingkong Ingkong Artist from Philippines


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DCW- DCW- Artist from United States

@luneder thank you for pointing this out. Holy Crap!

Blindchevalier Blindchevalier Human from Canada

@luneder So basically you are accusing the people who created the contest and the thousands of employees(who without a doubt are brighter than you) of Blizzard, are not smart enough to see a fake? Clearly you must have some knowledge that they themselves do not have dwelling within their family of brilliant minds. And I’m sure it just slipped by their nets unnoticed. Firstly, the piece had to have been approved by them before entering(which clearly it was), and secondly, the requirements and guidelines stated that the piece should be based on something existing and given the artists own twist. So naturally this artist did just that. But not only did she give her own twist, she surpassed the original tenfold. Creating a much more magnificent(alliteration there for you poetry people), than the original piece could ever express. So with this new found wisdom I have so politely shared with a person of your small caliber, I hope you think first, before making outrageous accusations. I do hope you find peace and solace in my words. Thank you.

Blindchevalier Blindchevalier Human from Canada

Blizzard doesn’t pay people to not notice things like this. If anyone believed that it indeed is not an original, it would have been denied at the front door so to speak. I’m also curious, did you submit a piece?

Blindchevalier Blindchevalier Human from Canada


DCW- DCW- Artist from United States

@blindchevalier Did you submit a piece? By looking at your account it doesn’t look like you have or have ever tired to submit a piece. But it looks like to me the only reason you have an account to designbyhumans was to vote for this submission. Maybe your a friend of the artist and when I say artist there is no doubt Kitking is an artist. Anyone can tell that the submission isn’t a exact copy of the original peace. Thats to say that kitking didn’t take the original image change it to black and white and place it onto a tshirt mock up and call it good. It does look hand drawn. But does this mean that It isn’t a copy? As easily as I can tell it isn’t a exact copy it is much more easier to tell that it is a hand drawn copy. This is what @luneder was getting at. A copy is a copy. If you took my submission and hand drew it and and tryed to submit it as original I would sue you. I wonder how the original artist of this peace would feel about the originality that you speak of. And solely based on this information that I have gathered from your account on designbyhumans it leads me to believe that you are not much of an artist. And the fact that you are not much of an artist, it is understandable why you would think that kitking put their own twist on this peace. But trust me this submission in no way displays a twist off the original.

Luneder Luneder Artist from Idaho, United States

Also if anyone is wondering why this is getting so many votes, it is because a Facebook group featured it so most of the people who are voting for it haven’t got a clue that the artwork is not an original fan art but a copy.

marlene12395 marlene12395 Human from United States

I honestly do not understand why you have to blow things out of proportion, she is an amazing artist. yes she might have used that picture you posted as a refrence to her submission piece but that does not make it copying. she used a different medium and hand drew this. if you dont believe me find out yourself. she deserves all credit for recreationg the image. its not copying if she did it her self and its her own version of it. not like its exactly the same as the damn picture

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

Hello all,

I appreciate you guys debating this design and we are well aware that this design has similarities to the original art. It was approved by the Blizzard team and therefore it is allowed to gain votes. I would state though that as this is not a very creative response to the brief, that will also be considered in the selection and decision process of the contest. Creative responses and beautifully executed art will obviously gain the attention of the judges in such a high profile contest. Good luck to everyone and as always thanks for your vigilance and help in keeping the contest fair and raising some excellent points.

Luneder Luneder Artist from Idaho, United States

To be nice now that I at least know the higher ups know about this I will delete my comments. I know it seems like I was getting into this to much but I have run into cases where someone copied another artists artwork in a different medium and entered it into a contest winning thousands of dollars. Then the artist that it was copied from would sue both the contest holder and the person that copied the art.

The best example of this was a case where there was a k-12 art scholar ship contest where the person with the winning artwork got something like $2000 plus a $10,000 scholarship to any college and the school the student was from was awarded $100,000. Well the winning entry was a copy of a artwork made by a popular digital artist. Lets just say after the school and the winner gave back their money the school suspended the student for a few weeks and more than likely the student had to change schools because of how public it was made that this had happened.

KitKing KitKing Artist from Canada

Thank you <3

rjelliott90 rjelliott90 Human from Canada

so sick Kayla love the shirt

ahmadrsadi ahmadrsadi Human from Qatar

Will appreciate a thank you for actually spending time signing up and supporting, love you work though

KitKing KitKing Artist from Canada

Thank you sir :)

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