KosAllinvain KosAllinvain Artist from Minsk, Belarus

nice work!+1

sharpartist sharpartist Artist from Virginia, United States

Nice artwork! I like the fact that Bane’s face is in the light and Batman’s is in the dark. I like the breaking up of the edge around the art, cool visual element. It still reads well even tho it’s scaled down. Usually details kinda tighten up when scaled down so maybe you should check your camera setting to make sure you’re getting the best image, how did you photograph it?

Nerdvana Nerdvana Artist from Canada

Love the concept and layout

EvanmLopez EvanmLopez Artist from United States

Very cool. Similar in style to the type of shirts you see at Fright Rags.

snarfi snarfi Artist from United States

Nicely rendered. take out the color and make it monochromatic.Give bane mean eyes. and darken the sky. Having night lighting will give it a more Gothamy feel.

jhernandez81 jhernandez81 Artist from United States

thus would look sick on a canvis

tjrehs tjrehs Artist from United States

Thanks for your invitation. I think your painting skill is good enough, and you can find your own art world.

Conzeit Conzeit Artist from Colombia

Hey Minhquach, I went and fetched this color theory page for ya
http://www.webexhibits.org/colorart/index.html I know there’s a bunch of those but this one relates color theory to painting schools, and it really struck me when I found it.

I can relate to your guessing and trying to know how to show the characters you know very little about :p I went for the idea of bane as a ruler, as supported by a bunch of people..and that was the idea with the arabic letters (which are the chant you hear in the trailer), I wanted to make a whole design where the letters were like a wildfire that took over gotham, while still looking like calligraphy…but then WB told me to not use text altogether XD.

Considering how your idea WAS about light, and about Bane bringing Bats out into the light to fight, I think I would have made the light TOO bright “overexposed” it’s a photographic term, here’s some examples http://digital-photography-school.com/creative-overexposure and you can look up what it means on wikipedia if you want. Other than that maybe have Bane not posing to complete the other half of Bat’s face, but instead breaking the wall..or something like that :p

DeanZachary DeanZachary Artist from United States

Nice one! I like how you split the face of Batman and Bane. Cool city scape as well.

Plopez Plopez Artist from United States

I like your use of pastel like texture. Also the 3-D look is a very cool visual. My only suggestion is that you use perspective for the city or make it look more impressionist to pop bane out more. Other than that it looks awesome!-

marcatalyst marcatalyst Artist from United States

i really like the idea, thing maybe next time you should go for a more mono tone approach

MrSinister MrSinister Artist from TN, United States

I think you made some very good decisions on this piece, especially composition-wise. You make interesting use of the space by not placing the Batman/Bane split face in the dead center of the piece. I think that future pieces would be even stronger with a solid color plan in place. By that I mean you should make a few color roughs before going to the final piece. This is where you can experiment with different palettes to see what creates the best atmosphere or gives the impression you want. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with more “realistic” colors, but sometimes a more impressionistic palette can make a good piece into a great piece.

OPTIKblok OPTIKblok Artist from London, United Kingdom

Like the Batman / Bane split view idea coming out from a hole in a wall, very nice! I think the perspective on some of the buildings is incorrect or at the wrong angle (especially the yellow building to the right of the design) and does not convey the distance between the buildings. The colours of the Bane scene are too bright and vibrant and makes everything feel ‘happy’. Overall a unique entry!!

cxuanb cxuanb Human from Canada

Very Nice Designing

Hugo4TDKR Hugo4TDKR Artist from France

You invited to judge your design, here i post
Anyway now in a deeper sense I like any kind of painting

minhquach94 minhquach94 Artist from Canada

@sharpartist I just put it on the table where there’s enough lighting, then I took picture of it using the camera i borrowed from my teacher, which is a good camera i suppose. Anyhow, thank you for the vote and for commenting.

minhquach94 minhquach94 Artist from Canada

thank you for your positive comment :)

Anit Anit Human from United States

So talented!

DrSpazmo DrSpazmo Artist from CA, United States

Nice work!

doylesee doylesee Artist from Canada

Looks awesome!

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