haha voted again

clines clines Human


annie1234 annie1234 Human


that’s mad cool

ahem fake accounts ahem

other than that…. it’s like..a garbage dump of clip art..

Gross… this is terrible, all it is, is so clip art shit but together to make a friggen tree

If you don’t want to be nice then don’t leave a comment. Your negativity is not welcome here. Love the shirt btw!

how come everybody who’s defending you has an account made today.

dudley is right and if you have something mean to say just keep it to yourself because this is a cool design and id love to wear it on a t shirt so sic transit gloria cool down

dudley53 dudley53 Human

Sounds like we’re getting a little interaction here. I think DBH may keep an eye on IP address. It would make sense if they did. Agree that Dagnis puts alot into his designs. There are others here that do the same. Real designs will win out. The best usually does.

fuck everyone whos talking shit, leave this kid be, you all are just dicking on a sophmore in high school like you need to chill out, if you dont like the shirt then say so dont try and come up with all of this criticism. if your gunna criticize him make it constructive, not an asshole thing.

you must have some stellar friends, cause I think most people would be hard pressed to find 50 friends to sign up for an account all in the same day to vote on your shirt. and on top of it they all talk in the exact same manner ! wow !

it doesnt matter anyways, you can get 1000 votes.

Judges will take one look at it and pass it on.

pogeta pogeta Human

this sucks and u r faking accounts to vote on this shit

“The amount of time a submission remains in the running before either being selected as a winner or moving to the archive section is anywhere from 1 day to 120 days, depending on many factors such as the number of votes the submission has received, the rate at which it has received the votes, where the votes are coming from, the comments on the submission, and where/from whom comments are coming from.”

— 47 votes coming from your own friends aren’t really going to help you here. have a nice day.

DBH should really make a block on accounts per ISP or something… cause it’s rediculous that this piece of crap is on the top of most popular because some jerk off made 100 fake accounts.

Asims Asims Artist

multiple accounts and all that aside im really not a big fan of this. even if all that was made by you it doesn’t make any sense at all. a bone, the sun, a leaf, a parrot, a lightbulb, a load of random symbols and a hand pointing? seems like you just got a load of pre-existing shapes and jumbled them up and added some colours. next time you should do it by hand. it will look better and it will actually be your own work, not a computers. sorry to bitch but thats just my opinion.

gaunty gaunty Artist from California, United States

yes but dagnis’s design has composition, a good balance of colours and and has thought through how it would look on a t shirt and presented his idea well. I really don’t think you should compare your skills to him just yet do you?

even if you got friends to come here… they’re still making multiple accounts


either way it’s not people on here that are voting for it, it’s friends your hauling in who are also talking shit on other designs that took far more work than this. and THEIR negativity is not appreciated here.

j3concepts j3concepts Artist from Washington, United States


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