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Nerd t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, phone cases and art prints, smart, fun, awesome.
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Nerd t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, phone cases and art prints, the Science of Socially Awkward

When it comes to being a nerd there are some general stereotypes that make a true smarty pants. A nerd is typically one of the smartest people in the room, and kind of socially awkward. The very fact is the highly specialized nerd conversations lead to confusing subject matter. Thus, the Nerd shirts are highly specialized subjects featuring comical illustrations, science or math themed designs.

Are you in outer space? Math? Music? Video Games? Any and all specialty nerd shirts will be found here. The sure specialty designs have cross over subject matter, funny ideas and intelligence based references. For example, the Poked to Death is a cross between Japanese animation and sci fi stories mashed into one. Smart Tiger has his four eyes on and working on his computer. There is also Smart Owl with his trendy clear lens glasses and new laptop.

There are designers that specialize in nerd shirts, like, Captain RibMan. One of his t shirt design is CoExist. Let the Worlds Nerdom Unite! that has a global calling to unite all nerds into one. Crossing the coexists nerds religions into one nerd shield. Captain RibMan is a nerd shirt master with an entire collection of witty designs. FlyingMouse365 has a collection of funny cats, cross over comics and witty illustrations. Another notable name in the nerd artwork industry is biotwist with his crazy unicorns and funny graphics. Finally, rounding off the list of top artist is thestray, which pushes the corners of nerds, geeks and silliness.

Nerd t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, phone cases and art prints are the ones that will always make you laugh awkwardly. These funny designs have some ridiculous ideas and subject matter. A cat made out of a galaxy, a gorilla with tentacles, or funny little cartoons. It's those nerdy shirts that keep use on our toes. There are tons of funny, geeky, nerd shirts for every subject matter in the books.


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