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1st Generation Graphic Hoodies

The long anticipated release of Design By Humans graphic hoodies is now over. The first edition hoodies now available for sale. This is an exciting addition to our apparel line that was heavily requested by our fans. They are screen printed designs on cotton hoodies with a zipper down the middle. The lightweight cotton makes for a comfortable stylish graphic hoodie. Enjoy the first series of these new hoodies from some of our most popular designs.

The Wisdom is a new graphic hoodie featuring the line work of Hydro74. A wise owl flies out of this hoodie with eyes locked on target, and talons open for capture. The silver ink and ornate design makes a beautiful bird of prey medallion. The intricate illustration and engaging composition are why this is a first release graphic hoodie.

Calavera III is a flowery Dia de los Muertos skull by Wotto. The ornate design within the skull features organic shapes and festive patterns. The light tones, greys and curved designs have a soft quality while the flower eyed-skull staring right at you. This skull hoodie will make a nice edition to the dead days of winter.

Make a wish with the 1000 Cranes graphic hoodie. The white origami cranes on the cobalt blue hoody are a wish come true. The cranes wrap all the way around side of the hoodie, flowing off the shoulder. If the legend rings true once you fold 1000 Cranes you will receive good luck or a wish. This is Collision Theories interpretation of the thousand cranes story.

Earth to kitty's, do you copy? The Catstronauts are in outer space searching for the end of the laser beam. The two space cats team up on this grey and blue graphic hoodie, and they are ready to take on any adventure with you.


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