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The Dark Knight Rises T Shirt winners

The winners for the Dark Knight T Shirts are here. Some of the best drawings and digital renderings Design By Humans has ever seen. From Bane's angry face, to the stealth actions of Batman; each new Dark Knight Rises shirt has story of their own.

The Rising Shadow introduces a large portrait of Bane with Batman running toward the foreground. The ink and brush stokes give this tee energy and texture.

The Bane Shirt, by Mr. Nicolo is known for his intense shirts like Sasquatch and Dino Frenzy. He captures Bane building intensity in his hands, with a brilliant use of blues, accented by orange eyes and energy. The sure grip of Bane comes alive in this T Shirt.

When the bat signal is called the Dark Knight Arises. This Dark Knight Shirt is a sure portrayal of Batman, Gotham and the bat signal.

Once the signal is called the Dark Knight will Come From the Dark. Batman drops to the ground with a storm, accented with the cape flowing from above. This symmetrical balance frames the leading lines so you stare right into Batman's dominance.

The final fight between Batman and Bane under the depths of the bat signal put this design at the top of Christopher Nolan's list. Hello, Mr. Wayne features many fantastic design elements. This tee captures contrast, shadows and highlights to create an intense fight scene. Action, leading lines, and brilliant contrast make a t shirt worth a thousand words.

All 5 Dark Knight Rises tees are for sale for a limited time. You can purchase a piece of the Dark Knight legacy or for the big time fans you can collect the entire series at a discount. The designs are printed on soft cotton shirts for comfort and quality. The movie releases July 20th, but the shirt are available now. Thanks for all the submitted, voted and purchased shirts.

With limited print runs, get your order in as soon as you can.

It is an honor to present to you, the top 5 designs, from the most amazing talent pool of t shirt designers that Design By Humans has ever witnessed.

Contest Stats

  • 84 Countries
  • 1727 Artists
  • 3305 Submissions
  • 26,644 Voters
  • 51,800 Votes

The Dark Knight T Shirt designs are being released on Monday, April 30 with the grand prize winner to be announced on Friday, May 4th. Each day, we will reveal a new t shirt design and starting on Wednesday, Director/Writer/Producer Christopher Nolan and Producer Emma Thomas' selections will be revealed. The Dark Knight Rises designs came in from all over the globe in one of the largest t shirt competitions Design By Humans has ever hosted.

The epic journey has concluded with 5 world class Dark Knight Rises T-Shirt designs that are simply amazing. With uniquely designed t-shirt art from 84 countries, producing more then 3,000 submissions, it was no small task for Design By Humans and Warner Bros. to select our finalist. Weekly meetings between Warner Bros., DC Comics, and Design By Humans yielded hours of conversation on the artwork to approve and select winners.

The winning t shirt designs are printed on a premium blend cotton shirt for maximum comfort and quality. The t shirts are screen printed on a specialized allover press at our state of the art printing facility.

We look forward to hosting more epic t shirt design contests in the near future. In the meantime, feel free to browse our winning Dark Knight Rises shirts, and hundred of other graphic tees available on our website.

Who Will Rise? Over $13,000 incash and prizes. Every artist has a journey, every journey has an end.

The Dark Knight Rises T-Shirt Design Contest

Design By Humans is looking for several artistic Humans to design epic t-shirts, inspired by the upcoming, highly anticipated film The Dark Knight Rises, from Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures.

The top 3 winners will be chosen
by Director/Writer/Producer
Christopher Nolan!

This exclusive contest is your rare opportunity to produce artwork for one of the most renowned movie entities on the planet and have a chance to get your design seen by the Art Department at Warner Bros. and The Dark Knight Rises filmmakers.

From the top 10 finalists selected, the top 3 winners will be chosen by The Dark Knight Rises Director/Writer/Producer Christopher Nolan and Producer Emma Thomas. Collectively, finalists will have the opportunity to win up to $12,500 in prize money for their winning t-shirt design, with the top prize being $3,500. The contest starts now and we will be accepting submissions until April 11th at midnight. The contest is free to enter, but you must follow the guidelines and accept the terms below.

Contest Guidelines

  1. If the logo is to be used, artist must use the official Bat emblem from The Dark Knight Rises as provided in this link.
  2. Interpretations of The Dark Knight Rises versions of Batman, Catwoman, Bane and other Batman elements are allowed.
  3. Two-Face, The Joker or Scarecrow are not allowed and will be rejected.
  4. All submissions are reviewed by Design By Humans and Warner Bros.
  5. Read the DBH submission Terms of Service.
Final Rules and Regulations »


  1. 1st Place
    $3,500 plus 12 shirts of artist choice
  2. 2nd Place
    $3,000 plus 12 shirts of artist choice
  3. 3rd Place
    $2,500 plus 12 shirts of artist choice
  4. 4th Place
    $2,000 plus 12 shirts of artist choice
  5. 5th Place
    $1,500 plus 12 shirts of artist choice
  6. 6th - 10th Place
    Option to sell artwork to DBH

Contest Deadlines

  • March 19, 2012
    Official The Dark Knight Rises contest begins
  • April 11, 2012 - Midnight PST
    Submission ends
  • April 22, 2012 - Midnight PST
    Online voting ends
  • April 30, 2012
    Top 5 Winners Countdown Begins

The Dark Knight Rises contest consists of 4 different phases: creating a design, submitting artwork for approval, voting for the best designs, and announcing the winners. As an artist you can submit conceptual t-shirt designs, as an community member you can vote for your favorites, and the top 5 winning designs will be available for purchase at the end of the contest.

Design By Humans features 100's of premium cotton T Shirts with creative design concepts. Browse the shop section with a gallery of iconic design, check out the vote section to support other winning designs or become a member of the forum. Thank you for participating in the Dark Knight Rises Contest and leaving your mark on this epic legend.


Jackoozy Jackoozy Artist from Ukraine

Hello DBH staff and the community.
Is there any sence in submitting raster images at all?
Is it allowed for one user to submit multiple images?
I’ve seen artwork with 480×640 resolution – I presume it is allowed to submit this size too, right?
And please, I would be very grateful if someone would point me the full set of rules, in which all of these questions would be clearly answered.
Thank you.

Simz88 Simz88 Artist from Italy

Vote my T-Shirt design clicking on the thumbnail below! Thank you!

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

Hi Folks,

As we have stated each week submissions will be put forward to a second set of approvals. If you did not receive a rejection email within 48 hours of subbing and your design is not in voting it will be on hold for that second round of approvals. Fear not Batman fans if your design makes it, it will go up for voting.

Beedham Beedham Artist from United Kingdom

i like the way my design dindt get a rejection letter and its still not on the vote page _ wtf DBH?

jazzypoo jazzypoo Human from United States

cn we hand draw it on a big sheet of paper or do wee need a tshirt

Simz88 Simz88 Artist from Italy

Can you change the top list preview of the shirt for this contest? The shirt are always the same, but if you’re not in the top you receive less votes! It’s not fair!

sammckenzie10 sammckenzie10 Human from United States

@wotto Are you submitting a design for the contest? If so I’d love to see it!

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

@DiFabio – Which one? Please send me a link showing me the poster.

Note: There are literally hundreds of Batman related images and fan art out there so it is difficult for us to find all of it, we really appreciate the communities help in finding these types of issues. Thanks for the heads up in advance and please do shoot me an email showing any art that has been misused or taken from another artist.

s1ngxthexs0rr0w s1ngxthexs0rr0w Human from United States

after seeing the submissions how is this rejected? i did it before i read to stay clear of logo tees, but some look very logo teeish. nevertheless, im doing a completely different one

DiFabio DiFabio Human from United States


“There are no images you can use, this is a contest to allow your interpretation of characters or Batman art not photoshop a pre-existing photograph. This is about illustration, concepts and well put together T-shirt design. We have had lots of designs over the past three days that will be forwarded to WB.”

I uploaded a design that utilized official WB pictures before seeing that it wasn’t allowed . I’ve started a new concept completely hand drawn but noticed that one of the images that have been accepted is CLEARLY using an image from a Batman Begins poster.

How is that fair?

s1ngxthexs0rr0w s1ngxthexs0rr0w Human from United States

@pilgore22 640×480 …im working on a new design, all hand drawn and digitally scanned in after 3 rejections. i would like to quit but i just cant do it

NeonTiger NeonTiger Artist from Portugal

If you can’t even work out how to size an image you shouldn’t be entering this contest. This is Warner Brothers and DBH offering big money, I think the best artists out there are going to enter and the standard will be high. DBH took it’s time to get a contest going but what a contest!

pilgore22 pilgore22 Human from Canada

Whats the canvas and image size they want if I use photoshop?

bscattelle bscattelle Human from United States

I am looking to submit a design for the batman contest, I have search your website hi and low but can not find the answer to my question so I’m hoping you all can help me here.

A very important piece of my design ends up on the top of the sleeve or shoulder. It has to be there for the idea to work. How do I best go about getting this across in my example. I understand that there are templates I can use for my “Placement Example” but non at the angle that would really get my idea across. Can I take a picture of my self in a t-shirt and use that in my “Placement Example”? An do I only get to use one placement example?

s1ngxthexs0rr0w s1ngxthexs0rr0w Human from United States

@LILNIG it could be a discrepancy between image size versus canvas size. make sure your canvas size is right, you can look at the properties once its jpeg and make sure its exactly the right size ( and 300dpi)

LILNIG LILNIG Human from United States


DarkKnightRises DarkKnightRises Human from United States

@s1ngxthexs0rr0w thanks for the tip about photoshop. I’ll check it out. As for gimp, it seems way too confusing lol.

s1ngxthexs0rr0w s1ngxthexs0rr0w Human from United States

@DarkKnightRises you can download a 30 day trial version of photoshop, thatll cover you until the contest is over. GIMP is also a good free choice

karthikscientist karthikscientist Human from India

got rejected!!! Damn …. said tat “did not meet the minimum quality criteria” ....may i know wat was wrong???

DarkKnightRises DarkKnightRises Human from United States

Hi guys. I’m hoping someone will be able to help me out. I’m a college student and I’m completely new to this sort of thing, so please bear with me. I’m using since I don’t have any professional software, and I’m having some trouble. I drew my design, scanned it into my computer, and tried to open it in a file that I have set to the 640×480 and thumbnail dimension requirements, but when I open the scanned file, it just goes back to its regular pixel size. Could anyone help me out with this?

One more question, (for now lol), I know we have to submit the design on a t-shirt template as well. How am I supposed to put my design on one of the t-shirt templates available from this site? I mean, won’t the image just look like it’s been plopped on top of the t-shirt image? Again, any help would be great appreciated.

Thanks again guys, and good luck! Oh, and remember, on July 20th, THE LEGEND ENDS.

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