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The Dark Knight Rises T Shirt winners

The winners for the Dark Knight T Shirts are here. Some of the best drawings and digital renderings Design By Humans has ever seen. From Bane's angry face, to the stealth actions of Batman; each new Dark Knight Rises shirt has story of their own.

The Rising Shadow introduces a large portrait of Bane with Batman running toward the foreground. The ink and brush stokes give this tee energy and texture.

The Bane Shirt, by Mr. Nicolo is known for his intense shirts like Sasquatch and Dino Frenzy. He captures Bane building intensity in his hands, with a brilliant use of blues, accented by orange eyes and energy. The sure grip of Bane comes alive in this T Shirt.

When the bat signal is called the Dark Knight Arises. This Dark Knight Shirt is a sure portrayal of Batman, Gotham and the bat signal.

Once the signal is called the Dark Knight will Come From the Dark. Batman drops to the ground with a storm, accented with the cape flowing from above. This symmetrical balance frames the leading lines so you stare right into Batman's dominance.

The final fight between Batman and Bane under the depths of the bat signal put this design at the top of Christopher Nolan's list. Hello, Mr. Wayne features many fantastic design elements. This tee captures contrast, shadows and highlights to create an intense fight scene. Action, leading lines, and brilliant contrast make a t shirt worth a thousand words.

All 5 Dark Knight Rises tees are for sale for a limited time. You can purchase a piece of the Dark Knight legacy or for the big time fans you can collect the entire series at a discount. The designs are printed on soft cotton shirts for comfort and quality. The movie releases July 20th, but the shirt are available now. Thanks for all the submitted, voted and purchased shirts.

With limited print runs, get your order in as soon as you can.

It is an honor to present to you, the top 5 designs, from the most amazing talent pool of t shirt designers that Design By Humans has ever witnessed.

Contest Stats

  • 84 Countries
  • 1727 Artists
  • 3305 Submissions
  • 26,644 Voters
  • 51,800 Votes

The Dark Knight T Shirt designs are being released on Monday, April 30 with the grand prize winner to be announced on Friday, May 4th. Each day, we will reveal a new t shirt design and starting on Wednesday, Director/Writer/Producer Christopher Nolan and Producer Emma Thomas' selections will be revealed. The Dark Knight Rises designs came in from all over the globe in one of the largest t shirt competitions Design By Humans has ever hosted.

The epic journey has concluded with 5 world class Dark Knight Rises T-Shirt designs that are simply amazing. With uniquely designed t-shirt art from 84 countries, producing more then 3,000 submissions, it was no small task for Design By Humans and Warner Bros. to select our finalist. Weekly meetings between Warner Bros., DC Comics, and Design By Humans yielded hours of conversation on the artwork to approve and select winners.

The winning t shirt designs are printed on a premium blend cotton shirt for maximum comfort and quality. The t shirts are screen printed on a specialized allover press at our state of the art printing facility.

We look forward to hosting more epic t shirt design contests in the near future. In the meantime, feel free to browse our winning Dark Knight Rises shirts, and hundred of other graphic tees available on our website.

Who Will Rise? Over $13,000 incash and prizes. Every artist has a journey, every journey has an end.

The Dark Knight Rises T-Shirt Design Contest

Design By Humans is looking for several artistic Humans to design epic t-shirts, inspired by the upcoming, highly anticipated film The Dark Knight Rises, from Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures.

The top 3 winners will be chosen
by Director/Writer/Producer
Christopher Nolan!

This exclusive contest is your rare opportunity to produce artwork for one of the most renowned movie entities on the planet and have a chance to get your design seen by the Art Department at Warner Bros. and The Dark Knight Rises filmmakers.

From the top 10 finalists selected, the top 3 winners will be chosen by The Dark Knight Rises Director/Writer/Producer Christopher Nolan and Producer Emma Thomas. Collectively, finalists will have the opportunity to win up to $12,500 in prize money for their winning t-shirt design, with the top prize being $3,500. The contest starts now and we will be accepting submissions until April 11th at midnight. The contest is free to enter, but you must follow the guidelines and accept the terms below.

Contest Guidelines

  1. If the logo is to be used, artist must use the official Bat emblem from The Dark Knight Rises as provided in this link.
  2. Interpretations of The Dark Knight Rises versions of Batman, Catwoman, Bane and other Batman elements are allowed.
  3. Two-Face, The Joker or Scarecrow are not allowed and will be rejected.
  4. All submissions are reviewed by Design By Humans and Warner Bros.
  5. Read the DBH submission Terms of Service.
Final Rules and Regulations »


  1. 1st Place
    $3,500 plus 12 shirts of artist choice
  2. 2nd Place
    $3,000 plus 12 shirts of artist choice
  3. 3rd Place
    $2,500 plus 12 shirts of artist choice
  4. 4th Place
    $2,000 plus 12 shirts of artist choice
  5. 5th Place
    $1,500 plus 12 shirts of artist choice
  6. 6th - 10th Place
    Option to sell artwork to DBH

Contest Deadlines

  • March 19, 2012
    Official The Dark Knight Rises contest begins
  • April 11, 2012 - Midnight PST
    Submission ends
  • April 22, 2012 - Midnight PST
    Online voting ends
  • April 30, 2012
    Top 5 Winners Countdown Begins

The Dark Knight Rises contest consists of 4 different phases: creating a design, submitting artwork for approval, voting for the best designs, and announcing the winners. As an artist you can submit conceptual t-shirt designs, as an community member you can vote for your favorites, and the top 5 winning designs will be available for purchase at the end of the contest.

Design By Humans features 100's of premium cotton T Shirts with creative design concepts. Browse the shop section with a gallery of iconic design, check out the vote section to support other winning designs or become a member of the forum. Thank you for participating in the Dark Knight Rises Contest and leaving your mark on this epic legend.


wotto wotto Staff: Creative Director from CA, United States

Hi Humans,

The deadline is less than a week away for submissions! It went so fast BUT there is still time!

Here are a few helpful tips to clarify and help speed things up for you:
1. Placement must be included – meaning you must place your design onto a T-shirt so we can see how it would look printed, this is an important part of the process.
2. Don’t use other peoples images and pass them off as your own, we’ll find out and it will be embarrassing for you, the artist.
3. Use of images – You CAN reference other peoples Batman art, meaning you can look at it and it can influence your work. Tracing that art is not totally against the rules, BUT it is frowned upon by most professional artists. Drawing your version of Batman, oh yes that’s allowed, has to be said WB don’t give this opportunity out that much so take it!
4. Got rejected? Wanna know why? Email me. Hundreds of other artists do, you can too.
5. Not heard anything? No News is GOOD NEWS usually. Your design is most likely on hold to be seen by WB for second stage approvals.
7. 2 submission per artist, if you sub more I will have to remove them.
8. Don’t troll artists work, this ain’t no witch hunt, just state you opinion and if you believe the art to be stolen, shoot us an email.
9. If your design gets rejected, come back stronger. There is still time to enter. Only accepted designs count as your two submissions.
10. Be Happy. This is supposed to be fun.

pitchgrim pitchgrim Artist from United States
wotto wotto Staff: Creative Director from CA, United States

11. Be careful how you portray Batman, pretty sure WB do not want their most famous hero appearing dead, hurt badly or like he is in pain.

kaks41 kaks41 Artist from Australia

hope this submission gets through…BANE“S WORLD

koushiro koushiro Human from Peru

Hello friends send my design, and I rejected it by changing the RGB, change, and it came back to send, then I answered, saying: “We regret to inform you That your submission did not make it-through the second stage of approvals. You Have used to mark may or design that Was not acceptable by the Approval Committee and Warner Bros. we are: unable to accept your design at this time. “I do not use any brand or image to create this art, I did with my own hand on paper with charcoal pencil then go to photoshop and edit some things, do not understand why I reject it? please my art is original, not in any other way and tampco use a brand, I really feel sad because I want to participate in this contest and is no longer I can do. :(

Hooman12 Hooman12 Human from United States

Just curious, wotto has stated that use of photos is not your work, it’s the work of the photographer. I see some designs that contain the press released photos of Bane. Although it looks like its been run through a filter in PS, it’s still a copy of the photo. Is this allowed?

JustPetrucci JustPetrucci Artist from Washington, United States

@ wotto: I like the addition of tip #11… ;)

@ kaks41: HA! Bane’s World…with Wayne tower in the middle…that’s clever. It’s like serious with a subtle hint of humor in the title. Well done…

@ koushiro: Don’t give up! Just because Warner Bros. didn’t like THAT design doesn’t mean you can’t try again! I would suggest trying to give your artwork more of a digitized look than hand drawn. It looks like you just scanned it and put it on the shirt. I would try doing a live trace or going over it with the pen tool in Illustrator. Try again! You still have a few more days!!

grungethemovie grungethemovie Artist from Brazil

:( i just got both my designs rejected
wotto, sent you a mail on the one on your contact on your site linked to your profile, is that the right one?

I don’t understand why… the first is a version of the classic KNIGHTFALL cover

the second is just catwoman over the batsignal…

jshoemake15 jshoemake15 Artist from United States

If you are giving feedback on designs wotto it would be much appreciated if you could give me an answer as to why mine was rejected for misusing “marks”. :) thankyou appreciate it
here’s my design:

Beedham Beedham Artist from United Kingdom

@jshoemake15 i think it might be the bat symbol… it doesnt like “TDKR” emblem, other then that its a great piece of work well done

jshoemake15 jshoemake15 Artist from United States

The first design was rejected because as wotto stated above, it depicts batman as hurt/dead/in pain.
As for the second one I couldn’t tell ya

jshoemake15 jshoemake15 Artist from United States

@Beedham Thanks alot you very well might be right :)

RsaArtworks RsaArtworks Human from Argentina

all versions of this designs was rejected two times sayng:”...You may have used a mark or design that was not acceptable by the Warner Bros blah blah …” everyhting in this design are exactly like WB shows, the quality is good, equal or better than some that are already aproved, but rejection robot email is not specific. maybe was the blood so blood effects was removed. CAN YOU PLEACE BE MORE SPECIFIC? in order that I can see the problem and not waste my time. thankyou.

cyberG cyberG Artist from ---, United Kingdom

if Nolan chooses 1st, 2nd & 3rd place
how is 4th-10th place decided?

JoeConde JoeConde Artist from Philippines

Ok, just my two cents. It really takes a while for a submission to be green-lighted by the screening committee in this competition. My entries took a while before they got approved as well, I even had my doubts if they were going to be. Just be patient guys. I know in our own crazy minds our designs are the winners in this competition, but in reality that’s not always true. Not all my designs are doing well in the scoring by the way, but that’s fine. I had fun creating them.

What burns me is that there are community members who do nothing but complain and protest, to them STFU already! Just have fun guys. Also if you don’t like a design you can always skip scoring it right? No need to be high and mighty, rude, mean or bitter. Just have fun and respect the other entries, ok? Remember karma is real.

Sorool Sorool Artist from United States

What happens if we submit a design, but you don’t respond to it before April 11th?

QUALITEE QUALITEE Artist from United States

@JoeConde Thanks. I’ve been waiting a few days and knew it would take a while, but with the deadline approaching I hope I get feedback in time if i need to make changes. Working on another one now.

alexperri7 alexperri7 Artist from Canada

The design I posted above was just rejected. The email stated that I may have used a mark or design that was not acceptable by Warner Bros. I figure it was one of three things: first, it could be that the bat logo was too broken up for their liking, second it could be that it is just a silhouette with no detail in the costume, or third it could be that I used a symbol for Bane’s mask on the back that they did not like. I addressed all three issues in my revision of the design below.

koushiro koushiro Human from Peru

@ JustPetrucci: My art but this handmade creation is not itself use any image, just use a pencil and paper to do my creative couple, then go to photoshop and retouching in the shadows etc, now I do not understand that accept it, art must be free and not only designs programs I use just use a pencil and photoshop, and I feel very sad about that was eager to participate and leave me now I can not because it contains something they do not like this? I want to please you wootto of an explanation of my art: (

JustPetrucci JustPetrucci Artist from Washington, United States

@ jshoemake15: I think Beedham may be right on this: You probably tweaked the logo too much and it didn’t look enough like the official WB one. I’d email and ask them at:

@ RsaArtworks: I see two problems with your design: #1. It looks like you used straight up photographs. Either that or you’re AMAZING at making replicas of Bane and people in general #2. Big prints like that (AKA All Over Prints) are supposed to be 4 colors or less.

@ cyberG: I believe the remainder of the winners will be chosen by the WB artists and DBH staff.

@ alexperri7: Because the deadline is vastly approaching, I would definitely email them and ask what the details of your rejection are. Otherwise you may find yourself up against the clock if you wait for another rejection if you didn’t for sure fix the issue. Email them at:

@ koushiro: I think the problem is that it looks too much like a scan. It needs more solid lines and fills. I’d go into Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop and make the colors more vivid and solid and not so hand drawn. For a lot of designers, your image would be the halfway point; now that it’s drawn, take it to the computer and make it digital.

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