How do dbh contests work?

How to Submit a Design for a DBH Special Contest

1. Create your art

We recommend using a program such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to create your design. Make sure to create your art at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and to the approximate size that the design should be printed. To help you in your pursuit of creativity we have prepared a DBH Submission Kit with tools to help you create the best submission possible.

2. Submit your art

To submit your design use our Official Entry Form. You will need to submit your design as a low-resolution version for the contest. After your design is submitted it will go through our internal review. You will receive a confirmation email once your design has been approved.

Reasons for Rejected Submissions

  1. No placement shown in submission
  2. Copyright Infringement or Duplicate Submission
  3. Artwork has offensive or inappropriate content
  4. Submission file damaged or the artwork needs more work

3. Promote your design

Spread the word by letting friends, family and your fans know how talented you are! Post a status message with a link on Facebook, make a tweet on Twitter, post an image on Tumblr, throw your art up on Instagram and email your entire contact list! Reel in those votes!

4. How Are Winners Chosen?

The DBH Special Contest winners are chosen on several factors including votes, comments, printability, and input from the DBH Art Department. The contests usually have a judging panel from the contest partner and the DBH team who make the final decision. This is based on the partners brand, characters and artist reactions to the brief provided. The number of votes, which are cumulative, can differ greatly. The judges and staff use votes as a guideline for popularity within the community. Votes are not the sole deciding factor on whether or not a design gets printed. For more details, please see Rules and Prizes. Fraudulent votes are tracked and removed and not considered in the overall scoring of a design.


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