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posted by TeeBoneShirts • 5 years ago

Hey guys, I am starting on this whole shirt designing thing. Mine are still very amateur as you can see, and I always feel like I’m really the underdog whenever I come to this site. I really want to learn more while I’m still young.

The shirts here really blow my mind and I always get curious on how do the artists make such impressive shirts. All my shirts have been done on a vectorial program, Illustrator. But recently I wanted to know if theres a way to transfer a drawing on paper into making something thats submittable. Like, how do they make the watercolor effects , splashes and all that.

If any of you guys reading can explain how to make the effects, or if you know how the process goes when making a design. Any easy to complex tutorial, forums or helpful artists emails are appreciated.

my site is :

Thank you for your time

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Boo22 Boo22 Artist

I need these tutorials also

ScarlettVeith ScarlettVeith Artist from United Kingdom

Here are a couple of forum posts that you may find helpful:

I personally make watercolour effect/splashes etc on paper and then scan them into my computer.

Hope these help!

thanks a lot! Those are really helpful. I also got some help from an artist here. I think I’m set to try some new things :D

Boo22 Boo22 Artist
TeeBoneShirts said: thanks a lot! Those are really helpful. I also got some help from an artist here. I think I’m set to try some new things :D

can you tell me about the help that you got from the artist ??
because i am also need the help :)

also if anyone can help me with different kinds of shading and how to make it :)

theres a haldful of people here that are really good at what they do. Just pick a shirt that you like and try to contact it’s author. For example, mathiole was the one that I chose because he has some really interesting watercolor shirts.

For shading, theres lots if ways to shade. If you only want to use 1 color, i’d recommend cross hatching.

CatPrime CatPrime Artist from Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, United Kingdom

Dude only a year and a half ago I was like you. Got interested in graphics, found this site, made some pretty skeppy designs before finding my mojo and a style that I enjoy creating in. If you have a decent level of perseverence you may get a print too one day.

thats a cool shirt you have. Yeah I wish can get a print some day. For now I’m thinking of prnting some to sell them locally. I really need to practice more to get better at this. But now that I know that I can use watercolor and stuff, I think it’s going to make things easier

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