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posted by DBHstaff • 9 months ago
Hello Humans

Hello Humans,

You may have noticed some changes around here. In our quest to empower artists we have decided to empower more of them. From this day forward we will be featuring a Design of the Day from our Collective stores on the homepage where artists will receive maximum exposure and an additional increase in their royalty rate for 24 hours!

So what is going to happen to the Shirt of the Day Contests?

The Collective’s success has shown us that our community wants choice and personalized goods. The contest rewarded one artist with a large cash prize, which sounds great but did little for the majority of our artists. The daily contest has been a big part of DBH by offering voting and interaction for our community, but it can no longer support our rising number of artists and their needs for growth.

Design By Humans needs to evolve and our customers have shown us where they want to go. This will provide opportunity for more artists to get more exposure on our website and share more revenues! Alongside Design of the Day, we will feature artists and their stores, and instead of one highlighted artist we’ll have MANY featured artists on the homepage.

What happens to the special contests?

Our partner contests will still happen. We have lots of interest from many companies to run contests and as you know we hand select those that we choose to do. They will still yield large prizes and on top of that we will have many more opportunities for artists to partner with brands and companies.

Is the Tee Grinder gone forever?

Nope. We haven’t closed it down for good but we do want to make sure we use it in a way that is beneficial to our customers and our artists. We are also looking for new ways to provide benefits and value to our community.

Is DBH becoming like those other sites?

We have heard these rumblings in the community and want you to know we have some great things in store for our humans! We have increased our incentive payouts, and will soon be offering more diverse stores and art styles. We are expanding our DBH home team to support, motivate and guide artists through our process to amplify their amazing art. We also plan to offer more apparel items besides just Tshirts. We hope you like our changes and soon see that they are in the best interest in both the art community, our customers, and DBH.

We encourage any additional questions to be posted here, and we will respond back to you.

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cosmicsecret cosmicsecret Human from Germany

I own nearly 100 DBH shirts… i know when something looks wrong.

So you´re saying that Wotto and you were supervisors and had fixed color issues made by artist. Now this will no longer be curated before printing and the ones to blame are the artists who fail to choose the right colors?

Well then this is a huuuuge step back. We the customers see the digital mockups and if those dont match the printed product …of course then we are dissapointed. :-(

Inked Inked Staff: Community Manager from California, United States

I’m not assigning blame anywhere. All I said was it’s a different printing method that some have never used so there might be a learning curve to getting it right on an individual basis. There are many artists who could tell you we’ve reached out to them about specific piece of art from the start of the Collective up to as recently as Thursday to help them adjust colors when we see an issue or when someone tells us about one.

It’s about knowing and understanding the medium being used. Screen Printing and DTG both have benefits and drawbacks. The trick is manage both to be in that sweet spot.

It’s not a huge step back and in fact it’s quite the opposite. Without moving DBH forward, we would have remained stagnant which is never good for any company. Growing pains happen. We wanted to be able to include any artist who wanted to share their life with the world. To be able to give a voice to those artists we had to move beyond pure screen printing.

Screen Printing the SOTD was nice because we internally controlled it. Wotto did an incredible job showing a diverse amount of art from artists around the world, but unfortunately when you release only a handful of new pieces a week only a very, very small percentage of artists who participated could ever be showcased, regardless of how good they were. Now, everyone has an opportunity to be discovered and to us that is critically important. Connecting the world to a world of artists, not just a handful.

Hopefully that makes sense.

XDot XDot Human from Greece

about Special Code 1%
when u buy 6 tshirts 2 arent free? or just 1 free for all tshirts you buy?
cause email clearly says buy 3 tshirts get 1 free..
that means for any N x 3 tshirts u will get N-free shirts, N=1,2,...

Inked Inked Staff: Community Manager from California, United States

You’re just misunderstanding the code. Think of it like this: Buy 3 and get an additional tee free. Every 4 shirts you get one free.

XDot XDot Human from Greece

ah ok then

zombyness zombyness Human from United States

What is this Special Code 1%? Seems like a B3G1 free deal but it isn’t mentioned on the front page or in the newsletter…

deaddreamer deaddreamer Artist from Austria

i’ve been on hiatus for a while so the new changes hit me like a sledgehammer :)

here my thoughts:
one of the main reasons i loved dbh from the very beginning is the curation of the shirts and the general direction it was heading because of that. beautifully executed artwork, printed on high qualitiy shirts. pop culture references came up occationally, and if they did they were also nicely executed and brought something new or standout.

with the recent newsletters i would not be able to tell the difference from any other random tshirt site: it is the same generic topics: crossovers: star wars, breaking bad, minions, dr. who, some better, some worse. I understand that there is a huge customer base who are interested in this, but like mentioned before there many many sites exactly for that. Leaving the site uncurated makes it also bland and generic (at least for me). by removing the price of a sotd there is also the high probability that dbh becomes a site for leftovers designs that did not get picked up anywhere else.

the other thing about removing the sotd is that i really miss is the feedback -not only by comments but also by votes – it also gave you an idea if something will sell in your collective shop or not.

the last topic i want to tackle is the abscence of silkscreen printing. i understand perfectly the advantages of dtg and print on demand, and i loved the idea of having that next to the silkscreened products. nonetheless, the art of traditional silkscreening and the creative limitations that derive from the production (limited color palette, halftoning, etc) also gave apparel design its own special note and identity. why bother with a one color vector design if you can also slap a 4c photo on it?

i generally welcome change and am happy if things get imroved or innovated, but with this changes i am afraid dbh might loose its artsy and special appeal which would be devestating for the tshirt community in general.
XDot XDot Human from Greece

why spykeee tshirts are still there if you cant buy them?

XDot XDot Human from Greece

is so different than it used to be?

XDot XDot Human from Greece

ok, some other suggestions ..
have you thought other ways for members to get dbh dollars?would be nice because it would give them extra motivation to get those dbh dollars and then buy more designs.
also instead of giving discount codes you could give dbh dollars for some period.

other than that.i had found a bug(more like that feature was gone after the update) but i cant find the post i had made.
after the update to new site the feature when you zoom a tshirt photo and change the colour inside the zoom was gone..instead if you want to change colour of the tshirt you need to close the zoom , change colour and zoom again.
i remember staff had said they would look into it but after months maybe it was forgotten?

any thoughts?

XDot XDot Human from Greece

hmm..nobody replies?
here is another suggestion for the new design on profile
put an X in favorite designs so we can remove them from the there is no dislike button..i think you have to go to the design shirt and click again the like button..but that doesnt always work..instead you might get same shirt twice as favorite..check below the pictures..

Inked Inked Staff: Community Manager from California, United States

I tend to only reply when I have something to contribute, say or update you with information.

As far as removing favorites, should be available in the coming weeks. It’s on the list of additions I’d like to get through time permitting.

XDot XDot Human from Greece

about Phone Cases..
Do you know if they work for other devices from China like Lenovo,JIAYU,ZTE,Xiaomi,etc?

Inked Inked Staff: Community Manager from California, United States

Unfortunately I do not. I’d have to actually get my hands on one to know for sure.

XDot XDot Human from Greece

i got a JIAYU G4S, thats why i asked..think it looks more like iphone than other devices (lenovo,zte etc)

Rosirika Rosirika Human from Puerto Rico

What if I want to apply to be a DBH Artist but I don’t have a store?
Is just I was thinking on submitting some designs I have made, and this is all new to me I’ve never sold them before and I’ve never joined such process. Sorry to ask but I’m trying to figure out how becoming a DBH artist works before I do anything. I kind of need more info on this I guess?

L1ke20N1njas L1ke20N1njas Human from Illinois, United States

Awful, horrible changes… makes no sense. The DBH I used to know and love has now died completely…

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