2013 Trend Report - The Year So Far/Future Trends

posted by wotto • 3 years ago

Trend Report 2013
Well we are past half way through 2013 and it’s time to reflect on the good times, the awesome times and the weird and wonderful moments so far. We’ve seen some amazing graphic tees come through and with the adding of the Collectives trends are appearing like beads of sweat on a hot July evening in California.
So let’s see if my previous trend forecast was at least close (Previous trend report from me)

Now in my last report I said more color so I’m taking this as the same thing. I don’t know whether it’s because of the double rainbow meme of last year or a love for rainbows in general but they definitely came full force in 2013. Rainbows in space, rainbows at the beach, painted rainbows, eyes bleeding rainbows. You name it we had it. Rainbows are pretty so I say bring on more. More color in abundance, I win that round.

Now I don’t want to say that Game of Thrones is responsible for this one but a lot of these wolf designs look like Direwolves. I didn’t predict the wolf invasion but I did watch the show. As a fan I am happy to see wolves on tees but as a fan of the UK soccer team The Wolves also, I am even happier. Wolves FTW!

Those cute and cuddle bears have exploded onto our chests and I saw that one coming a mile off. We have a plethora of awesome panda tee here. We have seen loads of cool fun panda tees, but also some with strong messages. The panda is cute but remember they are endangered too! Don’t just wear the tee, support the cause.

Pop Culture is always around in the T-shirt world and in recent years it has exploded with many nerdy TV show/movie/gamer tees appearing. Design By Humans isn’t usually a place renowned for pop culture tees but the Collectives have seen a rise in the genre. A good concept and a fun new approach will always make for a great pop culture tee that will stand the test of time.

Lions, Tigers and Leopards have always been popular but in 2013 we saw a surge in these and domestic cat tees. The internet loves our feline friends and it looks like the Design By Humans community does too. We had a range of funny tees and roaring good art tees too.

Tattoos are always on trend and this year we saw a rise in tattoo style art. Iconic traditional pieces and some more elaborate twists on this art style. I see this as a growing area of the Design By Humans catalog.

I predicted this area as a trend. While we did get some winners in this category there wasn’t as big a trend as I had predicted. Always a cool style and as far as I am concerned always welcome at Design By Humans.


Florals are on trend and I am not sure if it’s a summer trend or a longer lasting trend. Flowers and natural elements mixed with darker icons are making the rounds in the T-shirt world. A unique balance is required to pull this kind of tee off.

People seem to want their tee to tell a story, have a meaning or display a character with a playful back-story. With the explosion of “good feeling” typographical pieces on the internet people seem to want their fashion to also have a deeper more thought provoking message. “Everything will be OK” is the general message but I also like the move towards representing iconic literary figures or homage’s to books or stories. Get your whimsy on!

This area has always had a place in the T-shirt world but this year Photo-real came back with a vengeance. Nostalgia and instagram combined on a T-shirt. Iconic portraits, beach scenes, sexy people and fun concepts through photography are all on trend. This is a long term trend and not one I see going away. I also think mixing photography with hand draw elements is on the rise and something I really like.

Humorous tees are very prevalent in mainstream fashion but clever humor with a twist seems to be trending. Not your average joke tees these are more sophisticated and often require a second look. Maybe related to certain community they are almost inside jokes. Tongue in cheek, cheeky, naughty, edgy and fun. This style of tee isn’t instantly laugh out loud but more subtle nodding smile in appreciation.

The dark arts are growing and I don’t mean in a Harry Potter way. I mean art centered a round death and darkness is making a come back. Dark art icons are all over fashion items right now, some subtle and some verging on offensive. Here at Design By Humans we never want offensive but a peek into the dark underbelly of fashion never did us any harm. Skulls have mass appeal but these tees are a little more edgy than just skulls.

Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery, especially in a setting inspired by industrialized Western civilization during the 19th century. A cool sub-culture fusing literature, history, costume, industrialism and inventions. In recent years Steampunk has become more and more popular with games being created in this genre and more people taking part in the unique trend. Art is also starting to get influenced by the cool mechanical look of steampunk and the colors that tie it’s roots back to a Victorian color scheme of browns, blacks and oranges. An exciting trend we are seeing here at Design By Humans too.

Godmachine, a fantastic artist and friend suggested this section and he was 100% right! Every once in a while we get a submission with art that truly breaks the mold and brings something new. Control by Angry_Monk is the perfect example. I love when we get these types of art because they are unique, inspiring and make for beautiful tees. So if you don’t fit into the mold that’s OK too and we whole heartedly suggest you break all the above molds and submit something that represents your style. Some of our most unique prints have landed in the Top 50 Most wanted category. Go wild, set your own trends and I look forward to many more submissions…...

Obviously if you use one of these themes you do not get an automatic print but it’s a good starting point for inspiration. I’ll add to it too. Please post any ideas you may have. If you want to see a designer attempt a certain design idea, post it here. Bring the trend setting art folks!

Exciting times.

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jun087 jun087 Artist from Ipoh, Malaysia

Great post !

graphicollapse graphicollapse Artist from garut, Indonesia

awesome post

ADAMLAWLESS ADAMLAWLESS Artist from Johor Bahru, Malaysia


Ingkong Ingkong Artist from Philippines


biotwist biotwist Artist from new jersey, United States

I feel like no matter what you call it, colors, cosmic, death, cats, wildlife, and music will always be big winners

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

@biotwist I have stats that would prove you wrong my friend. Trends are a huge influence on the tee market for a brand. There are always popular themes that stay around but fresh trends always emerge and can really drive a market.

Inked Inked Human from California, United States

Well you just listed off six things which have driven the human imagination and curiosity in general for thousands of years. It’s difficult to not find some draw in at least one of those six if not most or all. Some might get a bit overdone across the market and burn you out a bit (see vampires post Twilight.), but each has a unique lure for the imagination.

Inked Inked Human from California, United States

Oh and Wotto it’s past your bedtime. Street lights went on hours ago!

SteveOramA SteveOramA Artist from Colorado, United States

Awesome write-up! Very informative and good to know.

dandingeroz dandingeroz Artist from Philippines

WOW thanks for this helpful info!

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pinkstorm pinkstorm Artist from Philippines

I’ll take note of this. Thanks sir Wotto. :)

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zsyd zsyd Artist from Cebu, Philippines

amazing all

StevenToang StevenToang Artist from Malaysia

cool,awesome post!

theMonthOfJuly theMonthOfJuly Artist from South Africa

Great post! Thanks!

aljoninertia aljoninertia Artist from Cebu City, Philippines

love em all!

NeonTiger NeonTiger Artist from Portugal

good infomation

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