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posted by SmackandCheese • 3 years ago

Hello all,
3 months ago I submitted this design ( and managed to round up quite a few votes. Yet, it wasn’t printed. I have to admit I feel somewhat disheartened and am wondering whether I should continue to try to submit designs to this site. Is there anything you all see as clearly unprintable about this design? Is the subject matter not being skulls, zombies or samurai the issue?

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7sixes 7sixes Artist from Minnesota, United States

The site does not only base it off votes. Votes will get the attention of the staff here and the staff will make the ultimate decision based on votes, comments, and sellability.

My view is that your design has 100+ votes but only 8 comments…which means it was popular but not necessarily on this site and you may have just got votes from friends. That does not mean that it will sell. This is a business and DBH needs to select art that is cool and art that will sell.

7sixes 7sixes Artist from Minnesota, United States

The design may not have attracted the staff here but you shouldn’t give up. I have several 100+ voted designs but those weren’t printed. Don’t give up.

Outcast84 Outcast84 Artist from Philippines

Hello there SmackandCheese, as 7sixes said, its not always about number of votes. As far as i know, voting is just a small criteria when choosing designs to be printed, plus, its a fun and interactive way of congregating artists into one community and give us a chance to have our insight on artworks of our co artists. The ultimate decision still depend on overall artistic appeal and trend.

Subject matter is a whole different ball game. Keep in mind that we are in a fashion-conscious field of art, where good art does not necessarily result to an effective shirt design. We always have to be aware of the current trend, it does not mean that we sacrifice our style just to keep up with the trend, it simply means that we have to figure out a way to grab the attention of potential buyers; after all, “trend” is just a guide for us to start from.

But then again, maybe I am right, maybe I’m wrong, heck, I am also struggling with my entries brother. hang on, keep on chasing your dream.

SmackandCheese SmackandCheese Artist from United States

Thanks for the responses all. This all quite enlightening. I had assumed the site would view a large amount of votes as a large potential amount of people to sell the teeshirt to. I rounded up a good deal of support in social media from people I do not know for the purpose of selling them teeshirts, since I was hoping to make a business out of doing this. A bunch of blogging friends really stuck out their necks for me by seeing if their regular readers were interested in the designs and despite even pulling that, my design completely fell through. If I can’t rely on votes and a well polished design to win consistently because it doesn’t include a ninjas or bad video game puns, I’m just going to learn to screen print.
Bye yall.

biotwist biotwist Artist from new jersey, United States

that was your mistake… thinking you can game DBH as a business. do you expect your blogging friends to stick their necks out every time you make a shirt and get printed every time? every else here also makes good artwork and promotes their work. we cant all win all the time.

biotwist biotwist Artist from new jersey, United States

So I Looked at your sub and the art isnt very good (at least IMO) plus it has the extra wrap around that will make it more expensive and harder to print. the amount votes is huge compared to the poor quality of the art looks over inflated and I doubt you can pull those numbers for multiple submissions.
I’m sure someone from DBH can tell you more and in a nicer way
and don’t blame zombies skulls and wolves. I have been printed here 9 times and and only one of those prints had a skull on it and no zombies or wolves at all

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