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posted by neil95 • 3 years ago

Hi guys.
I just got my tshirt design rejected for having too many colours for an all-over print. But I was wondering, why is my design considered all-over? I thought it would be considered oversized since “Oversized prints are larger and cover most of the front of the t-shirt without bleeding onto the sleeves, collar, or hem”.
My design doesn’t bleed onto the sleeves or collar. And although it bleeds onto the hem, the DBH 101 considers shirts like this one oversized, even though it bleeds onto the hem.
My design also has just 10 colours, since that’s the limit for oversized designs. I’m waiting for an official response from But until then, could anyone give me some insight?

Take a look at my mockup to see what I mean. Also, would anyone consider wearing this?

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Inked Inked Human from California, United States

Your design is not printed to just the front of the shirt, therefore it does far more than bleed onto some hems. From a printing/logistics standpoint I would consider this an all-over because it literally traverses the entirely of the tee and is not confined to just the front. This requires additional execution and cost and creates additional printing limitations associated to all-over designs.

Wotto will provide a more official and much more technical reason, but from my standpoint that’s what I see.

neil95 neil95 Artist from United States

Thanks for your reply. So if I just left the back blank whilst keeping the front the same, it would no longer be considered an all-over?

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

Hi Neil,

This print is not impossible but it is expensive and complex. Here is why.
From the 101 section:
“Oversized 19” x 25” – this is the max size your art can be to be considered oversized. Your art is considerably more. Your art also stretches across the entire front and back of the tee which is impossible to print in one go. The design would need to be sliced into two separate designs and then lined up perfectly along the seam. A difficult and expensive process because a ten color design just went to 20 individual screens :O!
We have done something similar here:

Leader’s of the Free World
This worked well because the design has clean lines and not too much detail, your design is more complex and covers a larger area of the tee. It can be done but at a huge cost.

Stay On Target
This design is an all over double hit print (printed on two sides). It is a beast of a print. The set up and time this takes is incredible. Now this design is pretty awesome so it was a worthwhile investment and as you can see this bad boy sold out very quickly. However doing this kind of print as a simple one or two color is a headache enough, throw 10 colors in and yikes! You’re asking for trouble. I only know of one printer that will do 8 colors on an allover print and I have never seen a ten color option.
You could print this as a sublimation print which prints like the DTG only all over both sides of the tee. It’s not as expensive but it has varied results. It is also only available on 100% polyester tees and something we do not do.

Sooooo all that considered this is an all over print, a double all over print so 10 colors is a no no I am sorry to say. You can either make it less colors (4), you can make the art considerably smaller and go wild with color for a DTG option or remove the back art and only print the front as an oversized print.

We like a challenge at Design By Humans and we are renowned for pushing the envelope with our digital and screen printing but this is just too complex. The production process is a complex one but by watching some videos or reading more in depth you can really start to design specifically for production. That’s what some artists do very well here but it takes some researching.

I hope I helped and good luck with all future submissions.

neil95 neil95 Artist from United States

Wow that was a huge and helpful response. I guess I’ll go with your last option of removing the back art and only printing the front as an oversized print. Thanks for the help, both wotto and Inked!

endoxo endoxo Artist from United States


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