Other talents?

posted by thestray • 7 years ago

So we know that we all have an affinity for art and design, but do you guys have any other talents, hobbies, or career interests?

Besides art, I like to write, mostly scripts for comics or cartoons, or short stories. I also have a solo music project, where I make songs on the computer using FL studio.

And yourself?

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MEKAZOO MEKAZOO Artist from Turkey

haha i usually can’t remember the saturday nights, it’s a great talent. Really, try it.

iQuitt iQuitt Artist

I’m sorta a drummer for a band that’s about to break up even though we haven’t really started yet. and I’m an aspiring poet and story writer.

saam saam Artist

i also can be so rude.although it s not an unusual thing in DBH

novus novus Artist

I’m doing some free running beside graphic design! That have to be my other passion.

For those- of you that care to take a peek, below is one of my youtube vids. It’s been quite a while now, I guess I’m awaiting the summer to come to little Norway..

I’m the guy in blue short and grey shirt.

gilmoreart gilmoreart Artist from United States

thestray – haha yup, ramen is always good. Chili has been my favorite lately, it’s got a good kick to it.

novus- cool clip man, I’m to old n messed up from skateboarding to do shit like that anymore.

asher2789 asher2789 Artist from United States

jimiyo said: I can snort spaghetti up my nose and thread it out my mouth. Everyone can, so the talent is curiosity?

I can also do a Stephen Hawkins/Spell-It machine voice.

Also whistle while humming.

you should post a video of that. sounds interesting!

asher2789 asher2789 Artist from United States

i skateboarded since the age of 10, although now i dont really have time for it… its actually funny when i go to the skatepark – kids think its crazy that ive been skateboarding since BEFORE they were born! lol… im absolutely terrible at it – i got hit by a car when i was 13 skateboarding and ever since i cant overcome simple fears. i also broke my nose from it a few years ago and have been paying for it since with never ending sinus infections… FUN!

i snowboarded since i was 13 – been all over the country, i was actually getting pretty good, but lack of time/money and living in a bad location for it kinda made me stop – i didnt even ride this year! although i descended from the very top of keystone in CO in 2007 without dying or suffocating from lack of oxygen (over 14,000 ft, i live just above sea level so im not used to it) which im very proud of! i even ended up going over an ice waterfall without realizing it and still not dying (that could of quite possibly been the SCARIEST thing of my life). ive snowboarded on glaciers in the middle of the summer in 90 degree heat, and even hit a box and lost my pants in the middle of it (wear belts when riding kids!) when i was out there. oh the memories.. i feel so old. ah. ive also fallen off of a chairlifty as well… my pack got stuck to the lift and i was hanging from it, that was fun.. thank god it was only approx 15ft from the ground and not 100+ ft.

i have a talent for getting hurt or strange illnesses that can potentially kill me, as well as a super high pain threshold as well as liking morphine very very much and saying really really dumb things on it. like my entire sex life to my parents ;)

i really love to paint, i hate pencils, and i love chocolate and rum a bit too much. ive been craving a pina colada since my birthday but due to strange illness mentioned above it is still unsafe for me to drink (i had a weird prescription drug reaction and got a bad case of pancreatitis).


rogerin rogerin Artist

ecletismo…thats the word

I’m a DJ in PuertoRIco, (DJ STRIKES BACK) I play electro-house/dance/disco/80’s music. For me its just a hobby. If you want to know more about me> www.myspace.com/diegool

I LOVE all things without my life :P

I am a good painter

I am a bad graphic designer :)

I can cook sweet & sour chicken & eat alone :P

I can hide at the time of home task lol

I wanna make friends but I can’t make :( (this is not talent)

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