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posted by Jakewashere • 3 months ago

Hey guys,

So I’ve recently been trying to update the tags and categories for some of my older designs.
However, I’ve found that with some of them, the older ones in particular, I can’t add categories or tags.
Like, the categories section is visible, but I can’t click it and none of the normal clickable options (animal, theme, art style, ect..) even show up. It’s just blank.

Also with tagging, I can type stuff into the tagging box but it never gets accepted. As in, I put a word like “tee shirt”, put a comma after it, and nothing happens. Pressing enter doesn’t work, nor does typing other things after it.

Lastly, on the designs that I have been able to add categories and tags to, when I go into edit them, some of the categories will be missing, and I can’t see any of the tags I’ve added.

So I guess my questions are:
Why can’t I add categories to older designs?
Why aren’t the tags being accepted? Are they in effect but just not showing?
And, when the tags disappear, does that mean they aren’t working anymore, or are they still in effect but just invisible?
And if the latter is the case, is there any way I can see what tags I have assigned to certain shirts?

Sorry for all the questions, I’m just trying to optimize my store to improve view counts, and I like to know how things work.



*Also, side-note for any staff who read this – I recently had Casey contact me about my store and ask if I needed anything. Awesome personal touch, thanks for that. It’s cool to feel like an actual valued human, not just a robo-designing-mechanized-automaton.

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Inked Inked Staff: Community Manager from California, United States

Hey Jake,

Thanks for posting first of all and I’ll do my best to answer your questions thoroughly. Long-winded answer incoming! (Maybe).

Not long ago we overhauled our categorization and tagging system and added some additional tagging functionality to the product add / edit system. When we did this we decided to no longer allow artists to remove, change, or add additional categories or tags after the fact.

It may seem odd, but I’ll explain why. Many, many places on the site utilize categories and tagging in various merchandising strategies and product matching algorithms. When a product is created the tags and categories you select are reviewed by one or more employees for accuracy, spelling, etc. This ensures that what our various systems are finding for matches are as accurate as possible. Unfortunately in the past, we’ve had enterprising artists who figured out that re-tagging art to reflect the most popular trends, whether accurate or not would potentially net them additional sales.

We are not opposed to you selling more, in fact the better you do the better we do so it’s in out best interest to make you all rock stars. However, from the customer point of view, wandering into the zombies category and seeing cat shirts makes the company look bad and makes the artist look bad. Customers need to be able to find exactly what they want easily and quickly. To that end, we decided to give you the first shot at categories and tags and then we come around behind you to verify. Once verified they are locked down to maintain their accuracy.

Should you notice something that both you and we missed, you’re encourage to contact your AAE which appears to be our stellar new AAE Casey who can get any changes made for you should they be appropriate.

In addition to tags and categories, titles and descriptions also play a big part. We’re rebuilding our search algorithm as we speak to be far more useful than it is now and it will take into account categories, tags, titles, descriptions and more. As as I mentioned earlier, Casey is your direct link to the artist and art team and if you come up with any additional content you might have forgot about we can always help you get it updated.

The one caveat I need to mention is titles, this should be given a high level of attention when creating the product. Because we use your title as part of the URL of the product, we don’t often change them because any old links to that product will either be broken or require re-directs.

Hope that answers your questions and I’ll pass along the compliment to Casey!

Jakewashere Jakewashere Human from Washington, United States

First of all, thanks for the quick and informative reply!

Cool, so it sounds like everything is working and I don’t have to worry. Everything you said makes total sense. It’s good to know I should spend ample time tagging and describing before I submit stuff cause I can’t change it later.

Thanks for helping me out Inked. And yeah, pass on a high five too… ya know… unless that makes you uncomfortable.

Inked Inked Staff: Community Manager from California, United States

We’ve been giving out high fives since 1982 sir!

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