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posted by Inked • 2 years ago

Just a quick update ladies and gentlemen.

Size Filters for Tees are back! In addition at the bottom left of the filters you can now remove individual filters you’ve selected without having to go back or start over again. This should help with your search for that perfect tee.

Also, if you’re on the page you want to be on and you’d like to see more tees per row just click the “Hide Filters” button at the top of the filter section.

The DBH Collective is continuing to grow at an amazingly fast pace thanks to our current artists and the demand for new stores so filters, search and overall user experience is a continuing focus for us. As always, if you have any suggestions or features you’d like to see implemented for filters, search or overall user/shopping experience please let us know here.

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XDot XDot Human from Greece

1)filter by cost
2)when i am on this page
i)i dont get all tshirts in one page..there is still page 2
ii)some tshirts have cost $22—$24 which isnt right..mens is 22 and womens 24..but the url says new-*mens*-medium-t-shirts/?v=all

Inked Inked Human from California, United States

1) Filter by price will not be returning. Since the vast majority of all products sit at their normal prices now instead of having 4-6 tiers of pricing adding that filter back in would simply be clutter.

2) The URL you are attempting to use is no longer functioning correctly because we no longer offer an “All” variable. The DBH Collective is growing at an incredible pace and the “All” feature would be overly taxing on the servers that are trying to fetch you and anyone else 2000+ images at a time. To decrease load times the decision was made to limit page views to 40 products per page. In the near future that link will no longer attempt to load more than 40 products no matter what viable is entered. To your second point, the pricing is correct. Some shirts cost less, some more. I however didn’t see any women’s tees in the list. But I also didn’t look through all 2000+ items you were attempting to load.

XDot XDot Human from Greece

open that url and search(ctrl+f) for $22—$24

XDot XDot Human from Greece

i have a suggestion and would like to hear your opinions
We have many collectives nowadays as you told too, so customers have so many options to buy, of course some are not so good in my personal opinion, meaning they are not that good to buy(maybe they dont fit well in tshirts) but again customers will choose something and pay $24..
the tshirts of the day still are on $18 and thats good, many people buy them everyday..
we dont have many sale items meaning some old tshirts, i guess that will change sometime..

so my suggestion is we can have another voting system for some old collective shirt..higher votes wins and one collective item will be on sale for $18 just like the tshirt of the we will have 2 tshirts everyday at $18, meaning more buy’s..what about profit of designers? dunno..i guess now they earn the whole $24 of each purchase?

Inked Inked Human from California, United States

As it stands now arts get paid according to THIS PAGE

The voting idea while interesting would be difficult. The goal is not simply to make more shirts cheaper without the cost of production going down. When we raised our prices awhile back we did so because the cost of production had gone up several times and we had shouldered the burden of that cost time and again and eventually it was simply necessary to raise prices slightly to offset at least a small portion of the ever increasing difference.

I’ll put it on the board, but I don’t necessarily see adding more “shirt of the day” style things as the solution. It also means we have to tell you about it and show it which means real estate on the landing page and more or longer emails which I don’t think anyone wants either.

Rest easy though, It’s on the board as an idea to look into.

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