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posted by wonderinged • 3 years ago

Hello people, the name is Ed. It’s my first time here in DBH. Yeah, I know I’m a bit too late to be knowing such famous site for shirt designers. Sorry about that.

Then again, I am from Philippines and I just submitted my first design here in DBH. Could you tell me what you think about it?

About the design – The design concept in “Mind over Tees” is somehow very random and careless. The design approach was simple. Draw whatever comes first in your mind and do not cheat. So basically these stuffs came into my mind when I composed this. The tank full of eyeballs. The boxer head gear or whatever it is. The bonsai and the T-rex with a ridiculous smile. Now people may ask why a question mark on the tee one on of our subjects. It simply says mind over tees. That whatever comes in our mind we can make it happen. A pure creativity built in my mind and made it come to life by my own hands. Let’s be real, we always wanted our design be worn by many people. Though I for one never tried wearing one of my own designs. It’s all cool, because I got Mind over Tees.

I’ll be honest, a part of my style came from my inspiration of Sir Dan Mumford’s work. I’m seeing so many cool designs here. It brings up great inspiration.

Also, I wanted to ask if it’s ok to submit both entries? One that is uncolored and another with color.

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wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

Hi, Welcome to Design By Humans. You can sub multiple offerings of the same design but be aware that people might not vote on multiple versions of the same design. Good luck with your submission.

7sixes 7sixes Artist from Minnesota, United States

I would submit one design and then post the different colorways in the comment section after it is up!

And I like the design!!!

myteefineshirts myteefineshirts Human from United States

Welcome, I’m new here as well. I like the design! I wish I was that talented. i am just the “middle man” for a friend selling his shirts.

earfunsyah earfunsyah Artist from indonesia, Indonesia

it’s nice i’m also a newbie

AndreAmistoso AndreAmistoso Artist from Makati, Philippines

Hey Ed! I’m also new here – from the Philippines as well.
IMO post the one which you think is the most appealing then post on the comment section other colorways (like what 7sixes said)
I like your design btw, i dunno maybe its just me but i kinda get that “pinoy” feeling from your work
Good luck!

jesssss jesssss Artist from California, United States

Hello, welcome to DBH! (:
My perspective of your design is that it is very genuine. I like that is has many different characteristics and it almost looks like there is a story behind it, as if it were a tale or cartoon. I am glad that you took it out of your head! Its all about being your own person. Props on your design, good luck!

wonderinged wonderinged Artist from Philippines

@All – thanks for the suggestions guys! I really appreciate it. I’ll becoming active here in DBH now. :) This will be my new community! \m/

@Andre – Thanks man! I’ll definitely do that. I still got some designs I want to share here in DBH. I want to take things slowly though. As for the pinoy feeling yeah! haha I guess it’s within us to sense our own kind.

@Jesssss – Thanks, I’m very glad to hear the same statement that came into my mind when I finished it. I took a final view and I noticed the whole design that I seems to have a story in it. If you put everything together. Thanks Jess! :)

jesssss jesssss Artist from California, United States

Yay(: your very welcome. lol sorry im hyper right now >.<
:D let me know when you will be submitting it for voting! (:

wonderinged wonderinged Artist from Philippines

Nahhh it’s all alright haha, I like people who’s hyper. Totally not boring people. Noooo problem Jess. :D Want to take a peep on the upcoming design? Though I’m not sure if its allowed. One reason why I’m hesitating to submit it here.

wonderinged wonderinged Artist from Philippines

hahaha no, In fact I’m the one who can get sued. That’s why I want to ask the staff of DBH first maybe then can help me. :) Hey, I followed you. I’ll try to message it to you.

wonderinged wonderinged Artist from Philippines

Ohhh the message is in public. xD got any email instead?

jesssss jesssss Artist from California, United States

O: oh what the heck, mmmm :/ no don’t risk it! ask first -

jesssss jesssss Artist from California, United States

what happened?

wonderinged wonderinged Artist from Philippines

Hey Jess, sorry for the late response. I had connection issues. I’ll send it to you now. :) It’s titanic actually..

jesssss jesssss Artist from California, United States

Oh wow, its actually really amazing. Its unique compared to the rest of the submissions on here, the thing is they do not like labels so you would have to remove titanic. Thats still okay though because people understand what it still is. If they don’t like it overall, u can always try a different website. (: U can always send them the design and ask for their opinion.

wonderinged wonderinged Artist from Philippines

@Jess – I’m glad you liked it. I’m really addicted to lines. I don’t know. That’s why most of my work contains heavy line work. I’ll be using it in our local joint exhibit. Afterwards I’ll try to contract DBH for assistance maybe they could help me. :D I’ll remove the label. lol. I haven’t seen any designs here with a label.

budinoslash21 budinoslash21 Artist from Philippines

nice fellow countryman and newbie

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