TDKR 6th-10th?

posted by Carom • 4 years ago

When will the 6th-10th places of TDKR contest will be announced?Thanks

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wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States


I can see how people may have thought that votes = wins but that has NEVER been the case at DBH, partly because voting can be rigged and cheats will try to exploit DBH if they think votes = wins. We have been doing this since 2007 and we know when legitimate votes and fake votes are posted.

The rules were clearly stated, I stated several times that votes would only play a part in selection and I never stated professional artists could only win this, Geno75 has never won at DBH until now.
I have thoroughly enjoyed this contest and I have met some amazing new artists who have a very professional approach. The contest is now over officially but who knows how many designs WB may or may not choose to pick up.

One thing Ccink mentioned that I must agree with is that artists need to read the rules very clearly before submitting. I would estimate that 50% of the emails I answered could have been answered just by reading the rules page. That said it was a lot of fun communicating with so many of our community, new and old.

song song Artist from Dubai, UAE / Manila, United Arab Emirates

I could not agree more. Most just bash in to ask anyway and not read the 101’s first.

I hope I have a chance. Let’s see how it goes to the next set =)

RicoMambo RicoMambo Artist from Croatia

I say all 5 winners are well deserved. Great job WB and DBH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From 5 winners probably i would choose at least 4:)

Guys, i mean losers ( me too:) next time work harder and results will come!

CoDDesigns CoDDesigns Artist from NJ, United States

Next time I promise to read the rules and actually apply them lol… and submit much earlier in case I need to fix something! The top 5 were so good I bought 2 of them :)

ccink ccink Artist from United States

@Bricks10 No, I understand, I know you weren’t trying to be a jerk and I didn’t take it as such. I just wanted you to understand that DBH does things quite fairly and in order for these competitions to be expedited properly there are rules that everyone should read thoroughly before entering. I completely understand where you are coming from, and I’m sure many others felt the same frustration…but all of it would have been solved if those entering took a bit more time to read the guidelines. Wotto’s response was straight forward but certainly not meant to meant to offend…..goodness knows he’s had to read and respond to a LOT of e-mails and comments :) I would have lost my mind, hehe. I hope all of this helps and I know we all look forward to the next big competition!

Diegonzalez Diegonzalez Artist from Spain

but…WHEN? : S

rockatansky rockatansky Human from Italy

so where are the 6 to 10 winners?...just ask…

marcatalyst marcatalyst Artist from United States

bump! whats happening with this?

ccink ccink Artist from United States

I’m a bit curious myself as to 6-10th place. If I recall, I received an e-mail stating they’d be potentially picking more designs in the coming weeks, guess we’ll just have to see.

ccink ccink Artist from United States

Maybe I missed a post, but has a 6-10th been decided yet? Still curious.

SimonKin SimonKin Human from United Kingdom

Seems like this “6th to 10th” is not going to happen even if it was written in the rules….. the contest is over more or less 1 month ago….
Seems to me that u guys at DBH just wanted to print a bunch of tees and that’s it… least, don’t write about the 6th to 10th in the first place…....

DYOKER DYOKER Artist from Spain

They lied to us… : SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

radiomode radiomode Artist from Antarctica

No promise was made, no promise was broke.

SimonKin SimonKin Human from United Kingdom

@DYOKER: I don’t know what’s really happening…

@radiomode it’s NOT a promise…... it’s written in the Official Rules!
If you go to:
you’ll see this:
“6th – 10th Place Option to sell artwork to DBH”

Many people have entered the contest with the 6th to 10th place in mind…... and now, they’re left wandering in a void of silence…..

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

Hi Guys,

6th to 10th place was always an ‘option’ at Warner Brothers discretion and with the movie approaching they still may print more of the designs with us. I’d ask you to be patient and understand that the process of planning merchandise and printing goods is not always a fast one. The 6th – 10th placed people have been notified that they were placed in the top 10 and there may be a chance their design will get printed in the near future. No-one was lied to, the focus was always on the top 5 and that part of the contest has been an overwhelming success for all involved.

ccink ccink Artist from United States

Fair enough, thanks for clarifying, Wotto :)

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