How many votes until you feel hope of winning

posted by Ampix0 • 4 years ago

This is a good question for anyone that has been printed before. How many votes does it take to feel you may have a 50/50 shot or higher.

Right now my top shirt only has 41 votes. I somehow feel that is not nearly good enough… But maybe I’m wrong.

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JChuppe JChuppe Artist from KY, United States

I’d like to know the same thing myself. Btw, you’ve got more votes on that design than I do on any of mine. I know I’m just starting out on DBH, but I feel that I see some designs that I’d consider so-so w/way more votes than any of mine have. Even as a newbee I can’t help but to feel really discouraged by that. I really hope that DBH goes just as much (or more) on their own judgement/gut feeling as they do the amount of votes.

JChuppe JChuppe Artist from KY, United States

Assuming that they themselves like any of my submissions, that is.

CoDDesigns CoDDesigns Artist from NJ, United States

I think I can help you two with some of my experiences.

Votes = sales? Probably about 1/3 true. It’s hard to tell on this site considering an account can be made rather easily. I asked my fans to vote from my Facebook page and good 75-100 of them jumped right on it. That is a lot of new accounts in just a few days. So how do you sort the votes out between new members who just found this site and old members who are just casual voters? You can’t. So you give an estimate of the number.

Favorites = sales? I’d say about 90%. I clicked notify for a print and when it came up I bought it instantly. However the 10% is for when your promoting your design and friends give support by – voting, commenting and favoring. So while your friends will help most won’t buy your stuff. I say most but I could be wrong. My friends buy my work quite often.

Comments = sales? I doubt it. Comments are given for all sorts of reasons – Support from friends, people who admire your work, fans who may actually buy it, or from the people who just want some type of positive or negative attention.

I think the most important thing I learned from studying the designs that get picked and the amount of votes given is ultimately this-

Is it wearable art? Does it sit well on the tee? Is the idea original, funny and or clever? Would you wear it? and most importantly will it sell. The person who knows this the best would be Wotto, given the fact that I’m sure he has been through all of the ups and downs during the approval to sale process.

Another thing to consider is this. You should never feel a hope of winning. I don’t feel any hope at all no matter how many votes I get. I know each new design I create should be a step forward in my advancement as an artist. If you feel like you could win every time then what would be the point of getting better? If you could win based on votes wouldn’t it be easy to win if you had a large fan base?

Look at Hyrdro 74. His talent is beyond measure! He subbed only a handful of shirts but not all got picked up. I would have picked all of them haha, but then again I’m a fan of his style.

Anyway I plan on subbing some different themes and styles soon. I like to show my versatility. If you learn something new, try and perfect it and sub a new design.

The only thing that should give you hope of winning ever is – hard work. Keep putting in work and it will pay off. I promise you that!

Zunaira Zunaira Artist from Lisbon, Portugal

@CoDDesigns THAT was encouraging, I must say : )

JChuppe JChuppe Artist from KY, United States

Good points, CoD.
In the short time that I’ve been on here, I’ve been voting on stuff that I like of course, but also for stuff that I think has the best chance of success even if I wouldn’t wear it myself. If I’m buying, then of course I’m going to buy what I would wear, but if I’m voting, then I try to think in terms of how it would go over in general and how many folks I think would actually buy it.

This may be getting off of Ampix’s original point here, but it still has to do w/voting. At least my take on it so far anyway. I def don’t think I could/should win every time. What I would like is the feeling of having hope that I may be able to get at least one of my submissions may get printed, but so far that isn’t looking good for any of em.

The most discouraging thing for me so far as a newbee is watching the voting pattern on my own designs. They start off fine the first day or two, then the votes just stop. Not slow down. I mean they stop. Then I go back to the page of new accepted submissions and see them getting votes, and some are designs that I wonder how they got by the approval stage. Just the sheer number of designs that are being voted on makes me think that almost all designs get lost in the shuffle so-to-speak after a day or two of being on the main page of the most recently accepted designs (unless you’re already established on here and have followers, that is). I’m sure that DBH can tell the difference between actual regular voters/buyers and someone who got their mom to get their whole mega-church to sign up and vote, but still…I get the feeling that everyone already knows everyone else on here. Like I’m way too late to the party since I just found out about DBH, and now it’s too late to have a chance to stand out no matter what caliber of design that I submit.

I’m going to wait to see what happens w/my current submissions before I submit any more. I’d like to show my versatility a little more too, as well as submit some more detailed/time consuming stuff, but I just can’t be one of those artists that only gets one out of 25 submissions printed. I wish I could be. I wish this were just a hobby or something that I did on the side and/or that I had found this site/community 10 year ago. Then I’d take a few years to try to build a name & rep on this site, but I don’t have that luxury now. I don’t mean for that to sound like I’m whining & if I don’t get mine printed then I’m just gonna take my ball and go home, but this is how I make a living so I have to make the best use of my time. I have two little girls to feed so I’m going to be more inclined to go where I think that I have a better chance to do that, even if it’s doing work that I don’t like doing.

I’m trying to figure out both the DBH voter & buyer by looking at the Top 50, and I’m sure that’s morphing a little all of the time as more people create profiles like I recently did. It stands to reason that when I or any other new artists bring in new folks to vote for em that it creates more new customers for DBH, but that also makes me think that it’s also just an even bigger shuffle for someone to get lost/overlooked in. I’ll stick around a little longer. I like the type of work and the community on here a lot, but I just don’t know if it’s possible now for a new guy to find any footing on here. Hard work put in or not. That may sound a bit cynical, but I’ve been down enough dead ends and beaten enough dead horses already. I want to believe that this is a place that I can submit actual art & have a shot of success at it. I’m just waiting to see if it is or not.
(End of J’s rant on voting)

Ampix0 Ampix0 Artist from NJ, United States

@JChuppe Man I know what you mean. You get some good votes in day 1/2 and BOOM brick wall and then you feel like it’s over. But I guess we have to wait and see right? I think Cod is probably right about how votes may not be as important as we think.. maybe..

CoDDesigns CoDDesigns Artist from NJ, United States

Look for yourself when you see a new daily design go up and not one of the new TDKR designs. Check out how many votes it got and how much time was left on the day counter before it got picked up. I have been surprised at the randomness of it…. however it’s not all that surprising.

The market changes often and people’s buying habits change like crazy. Maybe certain design styles (like splatters) are exhausted at the moment you decided to submit a splatter tee. So you have to look at it like this-

Artist Steve submits crazy splatter half-tone shirt.

Artist Jay submits a skull for skulls sake shirt

Art Director approves both designs for voting

Website takes a decline in sales of splatter and heavy half-tone shirts over the last 3 months.

Website sees an increase in sales of skull shirts over the last 3 months

Artist Steve receives 300 votes in the first week and ends with 350 votes. (splatter shirt)

Artist Jay receives 70 votes total. (skull shirt)

Now givin’ the information above what does this formula tell you? Voters may like the splatter work and think skulls are getting tired…. but the buyer trend disagrees.

When a website has 65K likes on facebook you can bet money they receive traffic from over 150,000 people a day. I can’t give you exact statistics and I may be way off!! However the truth is the people who buy may be floating about in the 100s of thousands of people who don’t vote at all!

Also people have had their shirts printed well after the 90 days if you OPT to keep it in DBH’s hands. So Artist Steve who subbed splatter work 90 days ago maybe getting a print after all when splatter shirt sales soar once again.

I hope this helps you feel better in any way. You have to realize there is so much more to this than just votes. We don’t know the buyer trends and voting habits. We can’t begin to know unless we get actual insider info or Wotto straight tells us – Yo guys submit more shield designs with heavy scroll and text work! I think if he did that then it would take the fun right out of this.

KosAllinvain KosAllinvain Artist from Minsk, Belarus

@CoDDesigns well said

Letter-Q Letter-Q Artist from United Kingdom

Hard to say. All these kind of communities work in the same way. Voting/comment system is just a way to see which design is more eye catching than another, but business is something else. As you guys said before, trends in sales and general taste are more important than votes. I never got printed on this board, even though i got 126 votes on this design (
Just keep doing your stuff for the sake of enjoying it. Dont get crazy about getting printed. If you do good stuff, your time will come.

fallingindesign fallingindesign Human from United States

Lets be honest guys, Wotto – aka Craig Watkins (the so called creative director of this site) is a troll. The approval process here is more then alarmingly vague and that is for a reason -There simply is no approval process. The site/watkins want you to believe that this a truly free market, where every artist has a chance to be a star when in reality, this company is nothing more then a profit house. They simply pick designs that echo ones that have sold in the past. votes/comments do not matter. the only thing they make sure of, is that they cant be sued. There is no point in designing something creative, because unless you create something that looks like a snork, your never getting printed. Its a completely 1 sided market. I would not buy anything that wins accolades here. I also find that many of the shirts that go to print are designed by artists that have already been selected. (no offense to their skill.) as for Mr Wattkins; Wottos designs (found on his website ) are in my opinion, the affectations of a 4 year old that just finished art class by vomiting out yesterdays episode of animaniacs. What qualified him to be in charge here is beyond the realm of common sense. As they say in the world of success, those who cant, teach. Change the words up a bit and you have got a nice fit for Wotto. Read this post while you can fellas. Im sure it will be pulled down by the morning. For those of you that do get a chance to check this out, do yourself a favor and double check on the things ive mentioned above. you will find some real shady things going on here a DBH.

RicoMambo RicoMambo Artist from Croatia

How to trust anonymous?? First tell us Your full name:) This is Your 5th account, right:)

As for the prints really are no rules, but must be someone who will decide on these matters. Votes and comments are here to help staff (dont no who personally?) to choose the best and most economical for the company and the dignity of art and DBH. I saw some designs with 1000 “anonymous” votes!!!! So fckn what!? This is not friends and family competition:) LOL!!!!! I think (know) the thing is very simple, with no plot and the above nonsense:)
Illustratorraider Illustratorraider Human from United States

@ RicoMambo – you can call us whatever you want. i will not disclose my identity, because i choose not to. I simply ask you and everyone else reading this post to verify the things i said in the above statement. You dont need to trust me, hell i dont care if you absolutely hate me. Im asking you to do the research on your own. weather or not you agree with me is unimportant. im simply shining light on a major flaw that ive discovered and the politics that go on inside this company which an artist should not be subjected too. Ruins the creative process. Ps. You sound like a troll as well. Maybe you work for DBH, No?

RicoMambo RicoMambo Artist from Croatia

@Illustratorraider Maybe you work for DBH, No?
Fck, you got me… now i must admit… yes, Croatian office!

And of course i dont hate You, man (men?).

thestray thestray Artist from United States

Hahaha, sounds like someone’s bitter because they’ve never been printed.

The funniest part was “in the world of success those who can’t do, teach”. If you’re going to insult Wotto at least know what you’re talking about, the guy has done preeeeetty well at what he does whether it’s your thing or not. His work’s been printed at every other shirt company you can think of. His work’s been featured in exhibits, magazines and books. You don’t really have a leg to stand on if you’re going to try to say he curates other’s work because he can’t make it with his own. Haha.

As far as how work is chosen goes, it’s really not that hard to understand. They choose what they feel looks good, fits in with their brand, and will sell. The votes are not the be all end all, nor should they be, they are a tool, and the site has never claimed anything less. If you were looking for a crazy anything goes “we’ll print anything if it gets enough votes” site, then sorry, you’re in the wrong place, and also nobody sold you that idea but yourself. “I also find that many of the shirts that go to print are designed by artists that have already been selected.” Well duh, people who get printed tend to be good enough to get printed again. To not let someone be printed again would be arbitrary, irrational, and ultimately do harm them as a company.

If you don’t like what the site does nobody is keeping you here. DBH does not “subject” any artist to anything, people participate here of their own free will with knowledge of how this works. The staff also have gone out of their way several times to provide direct feedback to designers or offer insights into their process and what they look for and don’t look for. They created a thread in the forum specifically to help new submitters and give tips.

You might ask me if I work for DBH since I defend them. No, I don’t. I’m just a guy with common sense who gets really irritated when crybabies whine about some made up perceived injustice. You sound really privileged to be so outraged about some ultimately irrelevant stuff that does harm to no one. “Boo-hoo a t-shirt site doesn’t pick shirts the way I like! I’m mad!” Go find yourself some grown-up problems to complain about. You don’t like the shirts? That’s fine, really. Part of being an adult and not a child anymore is understand is that you don’t have to like everything, not everything is for you, you can’t have everything your way. Go focus on the things that you DO like instead of throwing a tantrum because you can’t get your way on one inconsequential thing. The world doesn’t revolve around you and it owes you nothing.

thestray thestray Artist from United States

Anyway, as for your question Ampix, I’ve been printed about 6 times, I’ve had shirts that got good votage that didn’t get printed, and shirts with not that many votes that did. Votes of my printed shirts have ranged from hundreds of votes to I believe under 40 on one of them.

CoDDesigns has put a lot of thought into it, but personally the way I look at it it’s unnecessary to get that analytical. I feel confident in my chances not by the number of votes, but by the design I’ve produce. My strategy is “make something so good that they HAVE to print it”. Obviously I’m not so great that I can guarantee my own success, but the point is that I just focus on making my best work possible, and if it’s good and they feel it works for them, it will have a good chance. Just put your best foot forward every time, and submit as often as you can.

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

Let me first answer the question posed. Votes play a part in the process but they do not solely decide what prints, if they did we’d be in undated with fraudsters and people who could amass votes very quickly. That is no way to run a business. It is also unfair on artists, just because you can get 100 friends to vote on your design it doesn’t mean it has more creative skill than a guy who has no friends but can design tees like a design god.
So how many? Hard to answer, I’d say enough to gain attention from our team. If something gets lots of votes (genuine ones) it stands out (non genuine ones do too but because we know how to spot them). The number isn’t important, it’s the genuine response from our community that is. So what does make for a winner?
Votes and Comments are looked at.
Current trends and the market (we are a business)
Knowledge we have from what our community wants to buy.
A collective opinion of the Art Team.
and occasionally we’ll print something we want to try our community with, a new style or visual not printed by us before.

We have regular printed artists and of course they continue to submit and win BUT many of them have been working to that point for many years and have 100’s of designs submitted. We print 1st time winners a lot and we pull old designs up and print them occasionally too.

Personally I love nothing more than offering critics to artists and seeing them bounce back with a stronger design. I have seen this many times, resulting in wins. That’s what we are trying to achieve.

As for my work, that’s subjective opinion. It plays little to no role in my position here at DBH as Creative Director.

NeonTiger NeonTiger Artist from Portugal

sad. very sad. Butthurt artists who didn’t win the contest. Bitter sad individuals.

seslak seslak Artist from Serbia

wotto answered like a boss B-|

Gingerluchador Gingerluchador Human from United States

After a response like that from wotto my respect level for the site increased way to handle it professionally and like a boss :)

Tahitian Tahitian Artist from Wisconsin, United States

I second that… ;-)

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