“Friday. The golden child of the weekdays… the superhero of the workweek… the welcome wagon to the weekend. The famous F-word we all look forward to every week.”

It’s Friday! Time to loosen that tie, throw on some flippy-floppies, and fill up your pint glass. There are only 48 hours between you and that dreaded Monday, so why not kick off your weekend in style? Need help with that style? We’ve got you covered today with our best TGIF t-shirts!

You may have to get all dolled up for work, but here at DBH we rock only the coolest tees – all week long. That’s right, jealous much? Matter of fact, we had to flip the script and make up our own #FancyFriday just to get our weekly swagger fix.

Okay, maybe not that seriously. #fancyfriday #designbyhumans

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Be like the DBH staff and break the boring old routine for your next TGIF. Throw out those TPS reports and get down on some of our awesome Friday designs. (From the weekday, not the movie). Here we go…

Business Radical by thestray
Who needs public transportation or parking garages? Not this guy, that’s for sure. Just because you work the 9-5 doesn’t mean you can’t still “hang ten” in this gnarly tee by designer thestray. Guaranteed to fit in your briefcase for ultimate at-work awesomeness.

Thank God it’s Friday by ElPino
This well-pickled chap could hardly wait for the end to his workweek. Pro Tip: Wear this little retro-styled number by Japanese designer ElPino under your work clothes next Friday. That way when the clock hits 5, you can rip off your coat, charge out the door like a thirsty superman, and head for your local watering hole!

Casual Friday by jshoemake15
Wearing a tux to work everyday can be a chore, but come Friday even penguins rock the super casual look. Show your co-workers just how “chill” you can be in this frosty-fresh design from U.S. artist jshoemake15. For added cool factor, sport this watercolor-styled design on a polar blue tank top. The perfect Casual Friday Penguin T-Shirt.

Is it Friday Yet? by HappyHellodesign
Ever thought to yourself, “I wish the week was over so I could walk around on icebergs and eat seals and stuff?” No? Well this cute lil’ guy by Canadian designer HappyHellodesign might be just as happy tagging along with you instead for the weekend – watching t.v., going to that party… whatever you had planned is fine, I guess. Just don’t invite Steve, ok? I think that guy may be a bear-ist.

Friday by Littleclyde
As if Friday wasn’t epic enough already (phoning it in at work, goofing around, mandatory Hawaiian shirts, etc.), this design by Littleclyde turns the epic up to eleven. That’s one higher… by the way. Finally Friday – a day full of unicorns and pegasus…es…pega…si…pegasuses? Let’s just go with a bunch of flying horses on a t-shirt.

For even more Friday Fun, post a selfie wearing your favorite DBH tee with #DBHFanFriday on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to be entered for a chance to win free tees – or a feature in the DBH newsletter.

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