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What Inspires YOU? We asked some of our newest DBH artists who have uploaded impressive artwork, and we were blown away by the answers. These artists noted everything from fairy tales and nature to travel and people as their die-hard inspirations. Visit the DBH forum for a chance to answer our next artist question (How would you describe your artwork in 50 words or less?) – you could be featured in the blog! You can also share what inspires YOU in the comments section below…

freeminds artist designbyhumans whales
“I get a lot of inspiration from stories and fairy tales especially the old ones. One of my favorite characters is little red riding hood :) But most of my creative process usually get fueled by just listening to the music, it’s either a soundtrack from a movie or a game. Those are the best.” – DBH Artist Freeminds

DBH Artist: Freeminds
# of Designs: 39
Specializes In: Cute vector characters and animals

manoou artist designbyhumans bird geometric
“There are many things that inspire me like architecture, nature (trees, flowers, stones…) and the symmetry of things. The world around me inspire me as well as my life and my moods!” – DBH Artist Manoou

DBH Artist:Manoou
# of Designs: 23
Specializes In:Abstract, geometric animals

deniskom artist designbyhumans galaxy stars planets
“As an artist, I am mainly inspired by traveling around the world and meeting various people. Moreover, I am being inspired by abandoned cities, and wild places without presence of people. I like the idea that symbolises the magnificence of Nature. Nature that overcomes everything around sooner or later, and that reveals how small people are.” – DBH Artist DenisKom

DBH Artist:DenisKom
# of Designs:20
Specializes In:Paintings of surreal worlds

robertoJL artist designbyhumans skull skeleton neon lightning bolt day of the dead dia de los muertos

“My main inspiration to create art comes from the need to rediscover universal archetypes and the hidden relationships between all things; try and stir our subconscious with different levels of meaning, and create potent visual experiences, sacred and profane, to amuse and hopefully enlighten us all.” – DBH Artist RobertoJL

DBH Artist:RobertoJL
# of Designs:16
Specializes In:Dark art illustrations with hispanic influence

ddtk artist designbyhumans geometric rainbow
“I’m inspired by the Universe and its wonder, life, chaos, creativity and music…but what inspires me the most is that I’m connecting with people through my work.” – DBH Artist ddtk

DBH Artist:ddtk
# of Designs:45
Specializes In:A mix of abstract ideas with neon colors and painted effects

pomgraphicdesign artist designbyhumans pattern neon drawing colors bright
“One of my greatest inspirations is nature and its spiritual and magical world within it. Being in complete harmony with myself allows me to listen to my inner soul, this is where true art comes from, and it’s a vast and infinite field of creativity and love in all its expressions. I get inspiration from my colorful Peruvian folkloric culture as well.” – DBH Artist PomGraphicDesign

DBH Artist:PomGraphicDesign
# of Designs:16
Specializes In:Detailed illustrative patterns with bright, neon colors
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