Whether your summer plans involve floating down a river, BBQ’s with the family, or simply sitting inside with the AC, a cocktail and the movie Independence Day, DBH has the best flag shirt to celebrate your perfect plans! The Fourth of July is closing in, and now is the optimal time to lock in that golden outfit for the big day.

There are tons of patriotic shirts to choose from in the Stars and Stripes Collection. Here are some of my favorites:

Astronaut Flag
If you’re obsessed with space travel and movies about the U.S. saving the world through space travel (like I am), you absolutely need the Astronaut Flag shirt! It will show off your love for the U.S.’s rich history of actual travel through space, and if you’re like me, also your appreciation of Hollywood’s vivid imagination concerning asteroids, aliens, and wormholes. This USA shirt is the perfect one to celebrate all that NASA has done in making the U.S. great!

Are you crazy for cats, and also the U.S.? This 4th of July shirt is the purrfect one for you! Whether your cat is a symbol of your grumpiness, your badassery, or simply your obsession with internet videos, the USA shades really make this kitty stand out. Put on some stunner shades that match your flag shirt and call it a holiday!!

American Plane
Any class clowns in the house? I was always friends with the class clowns in high school, and one of their favorite things to do to goof off in class was to throw paper airplanes whenever the teacher’s back was turned. And really, what’s more American than kids in school pretending to do work while really crafting their origami skills by constantly designing newer and sweeter paper airplanes? Be your goofiest self in this perfectly patriotic American Plane shirt!

Redhead American Pinup Girl
Get your sexy on, America!! Keeping it red hot with the American pinup look, this particular 4th of July shirt will be sure to make a splash wherever you are. Boys, if you strike out tonight you’ll always have that shirt to keep you company. Celebrate American beauty and put on this lovely USA shirt!

Mount Rushmore
Celebrate American history and some of our finest presidents with this beautiful Mount Rushmore design. We all celebrate the best parts of the U.S. today, but it’s always a good thing to look back and remember where we came from. Remind yourself and those around you of the rich and beautiful history of this country with this patriotic shirt on one of our most important holidays!

Cool Eagle
Keep it simple with an American Eagle! Want a simple flag shirt that makes a big statement about your love for the good ol’ USA? This one’s your guy. He’s a classy bald eagle, dressed in a flag, clearly displaying your patriotism with this USA shirt. Look no further, the 4th of July is saved!
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    I work primarily in ink and watercolour, however these days I often use digital techniques to help design the layout of my illustrations and often use P…

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    Also Freddy Krueger with the ability to text would be absolutely terrifying. Can you imagine getting this text?

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    Eco Collection Update

    3 weeks ago

    Hi Friends,

    To celebrate Earth Day this year we challenged our artists to submit nature and eco-friendly themed designs to our Eco Collection and throughout the month of April we donated a tree for every product sold from the collection. We’re very proud to announce that thanks to the amazing artwork submitted by our artists and the support of our community we were able to donate 1,500 trees to …

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  • STAR WARS GIVEAWAY - Why haven't you clicked this yet? 2 0

    STAR WARS GIVEAWAY - Why haven't you clicked this yet?

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    I have four words for you.





    That’s right. We’re celebrating May the Fourth with a giveaway featuring Star Wars Battlefront, The Force Awakens on DVD or Blu-Ray, a $100 DBH gift card to buy all the shirts your nerdy heart desires and the coup de grace— winner’s choice of an Xbox One or PlayStation 4.


    Additionally on May…

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    The Battle for the DBH Lego Master

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    The force is strong at DBH. So strong that not only have we been repping our most epic DBH Star Wars shirts we’re also having a little interoffice fun. Four DBH employees challenged each other to see who could build a Star Wars Lego Set the fastest. We caught the resulting battle on film for your enjoyment.

    The Results:
    Brent: Building the Geonosis Clone Trooper [75089] – Time = 8:36
    Katya: B…

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  • Riding your bike to work was so last EarthDay 3 0

    Riding your bike to work was so last EarthDay

    1 month ago

    In years past we’ve celebrated Earth Day by recycling, re purposing ziploc bags, and walking to lunch.

    This year, we decided to step it up a notch.

    Shop the entire Eco Collection HERE. Plus from now until Monday you can save $5 off $35+, $10 off $60+, or $15 off $85+ with coupon code: SPLASH.


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    5 Ways to Spend May the Fourth Be With You

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    Hello fellow Star Wars enthusiasts! As we all know, May the Fourth is approaching quickly; if you don’t have plans yet, this blog is for you. Here’s a list of some of the places you should consider being on May Fourth, and what to wear while you relax at your chosen venue. Enjoy!
    If you don’t know what I’m referring to, May 4th has been dubbed “Star Wars Day” because of its easy transition into “M…

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    Calling All Fanboys (and girls)

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    May the 4th is approaching quickly, and if you love Star Wars or have a fan in your life, it’s time to check out the officially licensed Star Wars store from DBH.

    There are a number of wonderful designs in this collection, ranging from the classic films to The Force Awakens. Whether you’re a fan of the Ewoks or find them “creepy,” love the new films or prefer to stick with the classics, there is…

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