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In The News

3 days ago

We don’t often take time to reflect on current events here on the DBH blog, so I figured now’s the time to do it. Let’s get right to it. Here are the top stories of the moment:

Drake and Meek Mill Beef (Sorta) Explained
INTERNET — It’s undeniable: Drake is huge right now. It’s also undeniable: I’ve never heard of Meek Mill. It’s also undeniable: I don’t listen to Drake or Meek Mill. But they’re beefing, and let’s be honest: There’s nothing better than a good hip-hop beef. Here’s the run-down, as explained to me by our in-house artist, David:

Drake guested on a Meek Mill song, but refused to promote it on his social accounts.

Meek Mill claims, via Twitter, that the reason was because Drake doesn’t write his own rhymes.

Drake releases pretty lame diss track, “Charged Up.” Meek Mill calls it, “baby lotion soft.”

Drake releases another diss track, “Back To Back,” this time getting a ton of attention on the internetz.

Meek Mill releases a response diss track called, “Wanna Know,” that is apparently super weak.

Nicki Minaj just hangs out, watching two dudes beef over her.

In any case, check out these awesome T-Shirts:

Nicki Minaj, anyone? Yobann brings us Nicki Minion.

DinoMike gives us the most dangerous (w)rap battle of all.

Edward Scissorhands the Sloth is Cute (No, Like Really Cute)
LONDON — Edward Scissorhands, London Zoo’s new two-toed sloth is now seven weeks old, and is drawing more “awwwwws” than all the members of One Direction combined. Zookeeper Kelly has been raising Edward in place of his real mother with the help of a life-sized sloth stuffed animal and goat’s milk.

Too much cuteness? Head over to DBH to find some more awesome sloth T-Shirts to add to your collection. Can’t guarantee you’ll be as adorable as a baby sloth though. Sorry :/

Speed is Relative, at least according to MusarterD3!

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    TI5 Giveaway (And a Total Outsider's Look at TI5)

    4 days ago

    The main event at TI5 is about to start! Naturally, everyone at DBH is beyond excited, and as usual Evil Geniuses are right at the top of the heap competing for that grand prize, totally over $6,000,000! To celebrate TI5, DBH is giving away a bunch of awesome prizes, so read on for more info!...

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  • Main Menu Giveaway 1 0

    Main Menu Giveaway

    5 days ago

    Apparently the guys and gals over at Main Menu having been getting grief for their general lack of clothing (we’re not entirely sure why). Regardless we’re happy to announce a team-wide partnership between Main Menu and us here at Design By Humans!...

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  • The Friday Blog: Excited GIF Edition 0 0

    The Friday Blog: Excited GIF Edition

    1 week ago

    We’ve been busy over here at DBH HQ over the past couple of weeks. We opened the official Marvel Shop with tees featuring your favorite Marvel characters like Ant-Man, Thor, and Daredevil, we put together a collection of tees to go with the amazing music festivals happening this summer, and we announced a pretty amazing Star Wars Giveaway! Read on for more…...

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  • Announcing the Marvel Shop at DBH 13 0

    Announcing the Marvel Shop at DBH

    1 week ago

    It’s totally not a big deal or anything and we’re not excited at all, but…ya know…DBH just opened the OFFICIAL MARVEL SHOP!!! Shop for awesome T-Shirts and apparel featuring your favorite characters from the Marvel Universe, including Ant-Man, Thor, Daredevil and more! Check out our favorite Marvel tees, hoodies and apparel….

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  • Music Festival Season = Music Festival Tees 1 0

    Music Festival Season = Music Festival Tees

    1 week ago

    Music festivals are popping up everywhere, and it seems like there’s a new one every weekend. Might as well give one a shot, right? But you have to look good while you’re there. Check out my choices for festivals, bands and a rad little collection of music festival tees that I put together….

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  • Star Wars Giveaway at DBH 1 0

    Star Wars Giveaway at DBH

    2 weeks ago

    A couple months ago, we opened the Star Wars Shop, featuring officially licensed Star Wars T-Shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts and more, all designed by some of the most popular DBH artists. We want to keep the Star Wars party going. Read on to learn all about the Star Wars Giveaway, and be sure to enter today!...

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  • Unlikely Superheroes (A Tribute to Marvel's Ant-Man) 5 0

    Unlikely Superheroes (A Tribute to Marvel's Ant-Man)

    2 weeks ago

    Ant-Man comes out this Friday, so I created my own series of unlikely animal superheroes. Can you think of something better? Share ‘em! And oh by the way…check out the new MARVEL SHOP AT DBH!!! Yeah, buddy! We’ve got all kinds of Marvel T-Shirts, tanks, hoodies and apparel for you to get all excited about!...

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  • Sun's Out, Guns Out 2 0

    Sun's Out, Guns Out

    2 weeks ago

    How do you keep cool during these sweltering summer months? If you prefer to lose the sleeves, we’ve got some sweet tank tops and racerbacks for you to choose from! Check them out in our first of (probably) many summer blogs….

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  • The Friday Blog 1 0

    The Friday Blog

    3 weeks ago

    It’s Friday! Time to get the party started. Or something like that. Here’s hoping you’re already out there, squadin’ up and getting turnt! (Look at me using colloquialisms and such.)...

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